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Want to see tennis at a high level? Annecy le Vieux Tennis Club puts its best male players on the field to play a few matches in the French Pro B team championship. The opportunity for tennis fans to spend a quality sports time and discover a real tennis competition.

The Annecy-le-Vieux Tennis Club hosts the French Pro B Championship

On Saturday 4 and Wednesday 8 December, the Annecy-le-Vieux Tennis Club (TCAV) puts its best men’s team to compete for the French Pro B Championship. Equivalent to league 2 football, this tennis competition allows players to stand out and tennis fans to be able to attend high-level matches. In fact, the TCAV men’s team 1 is one of the top twenty tennis teams in the country. In addition, the selected players are professionals, ranked among the top 100 French tennis players. The rest of the year they play on the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) circuit.

If the festivities have already started on November 20, with two consecutive victories against Arras and Grenoble (4/2 and 6/0), the team will soon play two new matches during the month of December. Spectators will be delighted to see the Annecy-le-Vieux team compete against Nice on Saturday 4 December, and at Eaubonne on Wednesday 8 December from 11am. Players and staff count on families and tennis fans to come and cheer them on at the edge of the courts! Please note that admission is free and there will be a catering point and a snack bar.

The French Pro B Championship is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the most famous tennis competitions, such as the Grand Slam or the Davis Cup. Events that allow tennis fans not to miss a crumb of their favorite matches and win their online bets on NetBet safely.

The biggest tennis competitions

The Grand Slam

“Get a Grand Slam!”, Do you know the expression? For tennis players, the Grand Slam is about winning four of the most prestigious trophies. These are the hardest to win on the ATP World Tour circuit and are won after two weeks of competition in a row. After 3 sets for men and 2 sets for women, here are the prizes to be won for a Grand Slam:

  • Australian Open: This competition takes place in January on hard ground. Every year, Australia hosts tennis players from around the world in an attempt to reclaim the coveted Australian Open.

  • Roland-Garros: This tournament takes place in Paris around May-June on clay. Rafael Nadal is the most successful French player in France with 9 victories to his credit.

  • Wimbledon: takes place in London in July, on a grass surface. Martina Navratilova holds the record for 9 wins.

  • US Open: This tournament takes place in the United States, in New York, on a hard surface. The current champions are Roger Federer, Chris Evert and Serena Williams.

The Davis Cup – Fedcup

The Davis Cup, or Fedup for Women, faces the top tennis players nationwide. To win the huge silver bowl, players must win doubles and singles matches. After five matches, the winner is determined by the highest number of wins. Since 2017, 134 nations have competed in the Davis Cup. Today, the reigning champion remains the United States with 32 wins on the clock, followed by Australia with 28 wins.

The Olympic Games

All this without forgetting of course the Olympics! Despite a long absence from tennis between 1924 and 1984, the sport of racquetball is returning strongly. In singles or doubles, today’s tennis players can win gold, silver or bronze medals. The most crowned nations to date are the United States and the United Kingdom.

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