Peugeot is preparing for its return to the 24 Hours of Le Mans with a hybrid in 2023

A racing car acquires its nobility on the track, when it faces its rivals, the vicissitudes of racing and the glorious uncertainty of the sport. To register his name in the annals, however, he must win. And that’s why public support is so important.

To win it, you must first impress and enroll the crowd. A successful mission for the Peugeot 9X8 which, even before its first laps on the track, had already acquired a memorable nickname: “the spoiler-free hypercar”.

Peugeot designs everything from chassis to bodywork, including dual hybrid engine

In fact, Peugeot Sport engineers struggled to validate by computer, long before they had produced the slightest part, a body without rear spoiler, totally different from that of its competitors. “One of our strengths,” argues François Coudrain, director of Powertrain at Peugeot Sport’s WEC program, “is being able to create the tools ourselves that shape the technical design of the parts we need.” Which saves time and money.

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