my new car, when is it sold?

If you want to buy a new car before the summer, it may be too late. Manufacturers, in the face of numerous crises, have to slow down production. As a result, dealerships are sometimes empty of new cars, and it will take a long time for certain models.

The car market is always going through a crisis. The semiconductors, the Ukrainian-Russian conflict and, above all, the portfolios of the French, who are increasingly giving up changing cars. As a result, production lines are slowing down, new vehicles are missing and much less is being sold (-22% in April compared to 2021).

So, in order to buy new ones, which brands should you use? What are the delivery times to the dealer? Overview of models and delays.

At Peugeot, months of waiting

153. It is the average time in days in France for the delivery of a car according to the CNPA (National Council of the Automotive Professions). The Stellantis group (Peugeot Fiat) is noticing this delay, reinforced by a sharp drop in sales of around 30% last April.

A glance at the online store.peugeot shopping platform clearly indicates that nearly 3,000 new vehicles (as of May 18) are “immediately available”, including 479 Peugeot 208s that would be delivered 10 days after the buy. ” But it will depend on the finish levels“Says Mickaël Marmottin, a Peugeot dealer in the North. ” Dealers have stored the Allure package, for example, and the GT package will not be available until August. »

For 308, “ it’s super complicated, we have to wait until October, with certain concessions from the customer, flexibility in color, another screen standard ”. On the other hand, on the SUV side, the manufacture of a new 3008, for example, would take 18 weeks.“But we have a package of executive vehicles for sale, with a reduction in the cost of purchase “, says Mickaël Marmottin.

The Clio not before October

By Renault, the sale of its activities in Russia leads to the fall of its largest market abroad: 500,000 cars were bought there in 2021. Sales that will never reach this level in France with only 5,000 new vehicles available, and with delays already estimated last November ” between 3 and 6 months “.

Delays that are confirmed. The first deliveries of the Arkana began, for example, in May for orders placed in the last quarter of 2021. Now we have to wait until September to find the SUV. The Mégane is also delivered a few months after purchase, a plus or minus depending on the version chosen. Most strikingly: the Clio will not be received until October, not even January 2023 in its company version. ” And even in diesel, for months we will not have it “laments Anthony Meyer, a Renault dealer at a small dealership in the north.

In Dacia, the Duster and the Sandero are also experiencing delays until September, which is of course an average for the basic versions of the models.

Germans who can no longer be asked

Various manufacturers are increasingly reluctant to accept new orders for new items because the order books are already full. For example, the Volkswagen brand would have added 650,000 orders while its annual production rate is only 400,000 cars.

So on the German side, it is not surprising when we learn that there are some missing in the catalog. Among the 10,000 cars available in the French market, 1,600 Polo are offered against a dozen SW Passats and only 2 Arteon Shooting Break. Forget the plug-in hybrids Golf, Passat, Tiguan and Touareg: no new orders are accepted in Germany. Which may soon be our case.

At Ford, the Puma will not be manufactured until January 2023. ” and the high demand for bioethanol engines will not be met until next year ”A site manager tells us. To reduce delays in certain models, the Focus abandons for example the GPS option of the assembly phase. ” But the Fiestas and Focus ordered in July last year have not yet arrived … »

What about electricity?

They’re on the rise, but they won’t necessarily be the easiest to find. At Volkswagen we would have already sold the stock of electric vehicles in Europe. We will have to wait until next year to drive with ID.3 or ID.4, to the point that, for the French market, only one version of ID.3 is offered: the Pro Performance.

For Zoe and Spring, luck smiles a little more with a waiting period of only three or four months. “But we’re waiting for the release of the Mégane e-Tech, which is due in June. I was only able to order one for the store,” says Anthony Meyer. The same problem was found with the Ford Group, where ” the electric is the subject of a tense stock, in the Mach-E, in the electric Kona, but above all for the needs of the public. »

How long will the situation continue to disrupt the new domestic market so much? The war in Ukraine, the slow decline of covid in China and the purchasing power of the French will not make things easier. With these delays and new prices constantly rising, we would pass to the second hand. But prices in this market are also rising. We advise you to wait until 2023 and keep your car as long as you can.

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