Hyundai Kona Hybrid: The SUV available from Alpha Hyundai Motor

Hyundai expands its KONA range with the introduction of the new KONA Hybrid. A natural extension of the range in the urban SUV segment, the new KONA hybrid meets the expectations of SUV customers with alternative engines. In addition to its bold design, it offers an efficient hybrid engine and incorporates a whole host of technological developments.

Hyundai KONA, named after the Kona district on the Big Island of Hawaii, was initially launched in 2017 as the brand’s first urban SUV in Europe.

The new KONA hybrid adopts the expressive design and adventurous spirit of the KONA and the electric KONA. At the front, the vehicle stands out with its iconic Hyundai waterfall grille and dual-stage headlights.

The award-winning KONA range
Hyundai’s sleek KONA range has won a wide customer base. The model attracted new types of customers and made a significant contribution to consolidating Hyundai’s position in the dynamic segment of city SUVs. The global demand for KONA, and in particular for its electric version with its powerful, long-range electric motor, has even exceeded the manufacturer’s expectations.

In addition to their commercial success, KONA and KONA Electric have won several international awards, winning an “iF Design Award” for their amazing exterior design. At the same time, the Spanish newspaper ABC voted it “Car of the Year 2019”. KONA electric has won several awards for its environmental qualities and was voted especially as “Switzerland’s most eco-responsible car” at the “Car of the Year Awards 2019”.

The new KONA hybrid is a natural extension of both the KONA range and Hyundai’s eco-responsible range, making clean mobility solutions available to as many people as possible. Take advantage of the success of the original KONA and the electric KONA by offering customers an SUV with an reciprocating engine tailored to their needs.

The new KONA hybrid incorporates the 1.6-liter GDi Kappa engine, a four-cylinder direct-injection petrol unit that develops a maximum power of 105 hp for a torque of 147 Nm. Its permanent magnet electric motor develops 43.5 hp (32 kW) for maximum torque. of 170 Nm.

In addition, the 1.56 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery has excellent charging and discharging performance, maximizing the capacity of the high-voltage battery and ensuring fast recovery. The combination of this battery with the drive train that develops 103.6 kW (141 hp) for a torque of 265 Nm allows the new KONA hybrid to offer a dynamic driving experience.

The display integrated in the speedometers shows specific graphics of the hybrid system. The KONA Hybrid also includes a front display that projects key driving information directly into the driver’s field of vision. In this way, it allows the driver to process the available information more quickly while staying focused on the road.

To provide permanently charged phones to occupants, the new KONA Hybrid offers inductive charging (Qi standard) support for compatible phones.

Optimized driving functions
With its dynamics and performance, the drivers of the new KONA Hybrid enjoy the fun of a quality hybrid vehicle and the sensible changes of a 6-speed dual-clutch transmission. Sport mode can be selected by pulling the selector lever to the left. Steering wheel paddles allow you to select gears manually.

The Kona Hybrid is currently available at Alpha Hyundai Motor at 124,950 DT ($ 28,750 excluding taxes). The SUV is also available in a 1.0 L T-GDI version with manual gearbox at 99,950 DT and 109,950 DT for the N-Line version, in a 1.6 L T-GDI version with 7-speed automatic gearbox and 4 wheels. leads to 129,950 DT and 142,950 DT for the N-Line version.

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