France’s oldest tennis club “threatened with collapse” over real estate project in Le Havre

Many children are playing HAC tennis in the Sanvic neighborhood on Wednesday, May 18th. Parents are also at the clubhouse and many speak of the “threat to the club”. (© MB / 76news)

The tennis section of the HAC was established in 1884. Since then, the club is the tenant of his land located in the neighborhood Sanvic, Louis-Leprévost street. In 2022, the club has 850 members, including 380 children. But recently, Patricia Cour, the president and the rest of the members of the association are very worried. Because a real estate project and the promise to sell the land to Logeo Seine threaten, according to them, the sustainability of the club.

Logeo Seine, who is not yet the owner, admits that plans for the “80-unit project are ready. But real estate manager Stéphane Dambrine wants” like the current owners, to renew the dialogue with the club to find the best solution. “.

The oldest club in France, the most important in Le Havre

“We are the oldest club in France, the largest in Le Havre, our activity has never been interrupted. We have a lot of development projects, especially for paddle tennis or even building a training wall for the little ones. We are responding to a real demand and we are not for sale “, says Patricia Cour, the president.

And yet this historic club feels “very threatened” by a real estate project led by the Logeo Seine and “already very advanced,” according to the president. “On March 30, a works license was presented in relation to this project. We had contact with them before the Covid, but frankly we did not think that after the crisis everything would go so fast. »

At the clubhouse that morning, parents and members of the association mentioned only one thing, the housing project “which would cut our tool in half.  »
At the clubhouse that morning, parents and members of the association mentioned only one thing, the housing project “which would cut our tool in half. » (© MB / 76news)

“Half of our tool less and our rent multiplied by three”

The tennis HAC is currently 10,000 m² occupied by 12 courts (five indoor and seven outdoor). According to plans, the Logeo housing project would result in the loss of half of our tool. »

And that’s not all, according to the president: “Our rent would triple.” The double penalty, then, according to the club.

Losing so much area means we will lose members. And if we lose members and the rent is tripled, you can imagine that the club will not be able to get out.

Patricia Cour, president of HAC tennis.

Stéphane Dabrine, Logeo Seine: “We want to resume dialogue”

“The association that owns the land is made up of different descendants of the original owner. In fact, he is looking to sell and has consulted with various promoters and operators, including us.

We have always said that we want an agreement with all parties. The association still has a problem, it is that these tennis courts are in ruins and need to be restored. However, as they are not the owners of the land, they are in a complicated legal situation, especially when it comes to applying for loans from banks to carry out works.

We had started discussions with the old office and had come to a plan where we actually amputated the HAC from part of its land but in return we did all that was left. The office has changed and the stance is different.

The project as it is was not done without them. Of course, I wish we could resume discussions, see how the two projects can be harmonized knowing that with us or with another, we will not be able to prevent the owners from selling their building land. The rent they receive is very low.

We are under promise to sell and therefore as we are required to do so, we have actually submitted a works license but for the time being, it is only a submitted project. It may evolve even though we are not going to divide the number of accommodations by 10 … We are ready to receive the new team but if we are told that they do not want any accommodation, it seems complicated. Both the owner and we agree to try to have a smart chat and find the best solution for everyone. »

“Let’s go to the end to save the club”

The president argues, “It’s as if they want to sink us. The project was accepted by the descendants of the founder and landowners, it was presented as a great opportunity for the club. The reality is very different. »

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This weekend, the club will be present on the Urban Route, at the stand dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the HAC. “We will launch a petition that we will obviously propose to members but also to Le Havre, it is a legendary club that is under threat. »

The club has also contacted a lawyer, “We will go to the end to save our club.” The president also supports: “I see the president of the French Tennis Federation again on Monday, he has already assured us of his support.”

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