The ordeal of a kidnapped Neversois, an internet outage in Nevers, the USON takeover of Carcassonne … The news to remember this Thursday

the Nivernais have a chance to embark on a crazy adventure.

premium Discipline and dominance, the slogans of the USON Nevers in the play-off against Carcassonne

Thirty-eight consecutive days above normal: a record for spring heat beaten in France

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Thirty-eight consecutive days above seasonal norms: France set a spring heat recordsurpassing the series of 37 consecutive days from April to May 2020, indicates Météo-France on Thursday.

The Internet is down in Nevers, with more than 300 customers affected

this cut affects the area of ​​rue du Moulin-d’Écorce and rue de Nièvre.


Four-day strike by Nevers bus drivers to protest again on Friday 20 May

As of Monday, May 16, at the call of the three unions FO-CGT and CFDT, Tanéo bus drivers have been on indefinite strike. They will return to the streets, in Nevers, this Friday, May 20th.

“We have 130 emergency services forced to reduce the aerodynamic profile”: a month in the summer, hospitals about to break down

Covid-19-related hospitalizations are declining. But two years of managing the health crisis have left hospitals bloodless. As summer approaches, the president of the French Hospital Federation expresses his concern.

The ordeal of a Neversois kidnapped, beaten and stripped

More than two months of ordeal. Kept captive. Hit. Freed from his money. Forced to beg. Forced to sell drugs. Released from his prey, a psychologically fragile marginal neversois, 35, reported his executioner. Our article can be read here.

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