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At a time when minibus cars are disappearing from the catalogs of many manufacturers and when electrification is spreading across all ranges, Toyota introduces the new Aygo X (pronounced “Aygo Cross”), a pocket-sized urban crossover powered by a single engine. .. and 100% thermal.

So what’s the point of this amazing mini-SUV? First elements of response after two days of testing on the streets of Lyon.

Aygo makes his revolution with an X.

In 16 years of racing, the Toyota Aygo has shown that the A-segment could be a welcome addition to a manufacturer. And although the Ford Ka +, the Opel Karl, the Peugeot 108, the Citroën C1 have more or less retired and the Renault Twingo will also disappear, few people still believe in these mini-urban cars … even more so when they are powered for a heat engine.

While the Fiat 500E seems to have made the electric transition to perfection, Toyota has decided to go against the current trend by launching a new generation of its little gasoline Aygo. But more than a facelift, the Japanese manufacturer has chosen to grow its little chip … and change its name. This is how the “classic” Aygo gives way to the Aygo X from June 1, 2022 in concessions. One letter, but that changes everything!

Toyota Aygo X driving test in Lyon

Big city car or mini-SUV?

If this newcomer presents itself as a true urban car, it is also considered a mini-SUV (or rather an urban crossover): the result is an elevated position, a reworked look in the daring adventurous style (we’ll get back to that). ) and an increasing size. With its 3.70 m long, it offers significantly 24 cm more than the Aygo and 63 liters of additional cargo volume (with a trunk shown at 231 l).

At Toyota, we like to say that this Aygo X is still a real mini-city car, but with services worthy of the upper segment. One thing is for sure, it shows a design that helps you not to go unnoticed, largely inspired by the concept car Aygo X Prologue presented in 2021! This translates first and foremost into a bi-on body, with a black roof and spicy colors : ginger beige, cardamom green, juniper blue and chilli red (which will have accompanied us during this test).

The X that crossed the face of the old Aygo (decidedly, this letter is ubiquitous!) Has disappeared, the car now shows a more vertical grille and a visually flattened hood. The Aygo X does not lose momentum, however, helped by its slender stern and its 17-inch wheels (or even 18 in the high-end version). Its widened wheel arches, surpassed by imposing plastic protections, also contribute to its sporty look.

Toyota Aygo X 2022
New Toyota Aygo X

A simplistic interior … but in clear progression

Inside, Toyota has made great efforts, with a finally more favorable presentation. It is true that we stay in an entryway car, which is seen through the plastics and fabrics used. But visually, the result is nice and the interior of the Aygo X offers a real feeling of space (at the front)with an additional width of 45 mm at the shoulders for the driver and his passenger.

The dashboard gives a special place to the curves (even the air outlets) and benefits from an “old-fashioned” charm, with its numerous buttons. Special mention to the actual needle counter behind the wheel, combined with a 4.2-inch LCD screen. This almost vintage look is also on the back, with the opening of the fourth style windows. On the other hand, access to these places is still difficult for people over 1m70 …

What is the value of the new Aygo X on the road?

Now that we’ve dealt with the aesthetic considerations, let’s take a closer look at the mechanical part and road behavior of this new Aygo X. Because, again, little Toyota does nothing like everyone else.

Single engine offer

Here, not even the slightest dose of electrification on the menu. Neither microhybridization nor electric battery, however a small 1.0l 3-cylinder engine (without turbo) with 72 horsepower, with a torque of 93 Nm. Too bad for a pioneering brand in this field!

This engine can be mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox or an S-CVT automatic gearbox. And thanks to the light weight of the car (940 kg), the Aygo X can claim a consumption of about 4.9 l / 100 km in the WLTP cycle. A figure increased to 6.5 l at the end of our mainly urban test.

Built for the city

Since this is a mini-city car, it is not surprising to favor an urban route to discover the potential of the (small) beast. What is surprising, however, is the agility of the car. With a turning radius of only 4m70 and exemplary accuracy, the Toyota Aygo X is unmatched for crossing traffic or narrow lanes.

On the slopes of the Croix-Rousse or in the traffic jams of Lyon (not those that serve quenelle and sapper apron), it is perfectly in its element. Even the recent move of the city of Gaul to the “zone 30” seems to have been designed for thisbecause it is at reduced speed that it is more comfortable.

When you get out of this urban environment, you obviously have to be flexible with the right pedal so as not to make the little engine and its S-CVT box sing too loudly. Because with 72 horses, we understand that the Aygo X was not designed for the specials of the Charbonnières rally or to monopolize the left lane of the ring road …

In short, our opinion on the Toyota Aygo X

Designed on the same TNGA-B platform as the Yaris and Yaris Cross, this new Toyota Aygo X benefits from exemplary road handling. Mainly in the city, of course, where his agility works wonders … while, despite all his good will, he quickly shows his limits in other areas.

Much better equipped than the previous generation of Aygoreceives multiple driving aids (pre-collision system with pedestrian night detection, signal reading, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning with lane keeping assistance) but also Apple CarPlay / Android Auto compatibility without wire, induction load and even heated seats …

At a time when manufacturers no longer swear by electricity or hybrid, Toyota’s proposal seems to meet a real demand from motorists with a budget in line with buyers of a car in the segment A … No however the fat treatment of this Aygo X also leads to a substantial increase in its prices : count on at least 1150 euros more than the previous generation, with a call price set at € 15,990 (or € 119 / month) for the Active version and € 20,090 for the tested Collection model. They are more competitors like the Hyundai i10 (more city car than SUV), the amazing Suzuki Ignis and more or less in the same waters as the new Dacia Spring … 100% electric.

Toyota Aygo X Review

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