“The authorized infiltrations in tennis are sports doping! »| Have you seen?

Primum non nocere\”, ce qui veut dire ne pas nuire, et pourtant, cette règle fondamentale de médecine est régulièrement bafouée, surtout dans le tennis”,”text”:”La première règle du serment d’Hippocrate est \”Primum non nocere\”, ce qui veut dire ne pas nuire, et pourtant, cette règle fondamentale de médecine est régulièrement bafouée, surtout dans le tennis”}}”>The first rule of Hippocratic oath is “Primum non nocere “which means not hurting, and yet this fundamental rule of medicine is regularly violated, especially in tennis.replied the sports doctor, contacted at his home in France.

In tennis, we talk openly about infiltration. It has two types of treatment that are carried out. Anesthetic injection to numb the pain and cortisone injection to reduce inflammation. In some cases, injections are even made by mixing the two, which has nothing to do with ethics. Because the rule we have to follow is usually to treat and heal. In the case of infiltrations, the lesion is aggravated. That’s nonsense!

Jean-Pierre De Mondenard is outraged by this situation as a sports doctor, but also as a defender and protector of sports ethics. He does not hesitate to denounce these infiltrations, which he describes as doping in sports.

Tennis leaks appeared in the 1970s, he says. We can take the example of Björn Borg. During the Wimbledon tournament, he suffered an abdominal injury during a service. Well, throughout the tournament, which he had to win, he was given daily injections. This had dramatic repercussions later.

As for Stan Wawrinka who suffered infiltrations for two years. We had to operate on him once, but the operation failed because the injured part of his body had undergone too much anesthesia in the past. His ordeal still lasted three long years. We must not forget Rafael Nadal, who had to stop his career on several occasions due to injuries and, above all, how he had put them to sleep and did not really treat them.

Epicondylitis, o tennis elbows, which are very common elbow inflammations in tennis, are often treated with corticosteroids, but repeated injections expose you to infections. and especially to tendon rupture. Medicine has a good back when it comes to justifying these infiltrations, but it’s sports doping! »

A quote from Jean-Pierre De Mondenard, doping expert

The body shouts and we say “shut up”

According to the international expert in sports doping, the International Tennis Federation and the World Anti-Doping Agency are responsible for this widespread practice in tennis. The former tolerates the use of infiltrations and the AMA has removed anesthetics from its list of banned products since 2005He said.

We must not forget the entourage of the player, he adds. All these people are paid according to the result. So what does it matter if your body needs to be exposed to a little more injury?

The French doctor thinks that tennis, but also other sports in which we continue to practice injections such as football, basketball or rugby, should follow the example of the International Cycling Union, which ruled on the infiltrations since June 2011. .

The ICU has regulated any glucocorticoid injection. The administration of corticosteroids in general, in the form of an injection, is prohibited, he points out. In order to respect medical ethics, it imposes a mandatory rest period of 48 hours on the runner. Thus, when there are stage races, you have to retire to fully recover. The Movement for Credible Cycling (MPCC) imposes an eight-day stop on its runners.

Jean-Pierre De Mondenard is concerned about the future of young people joining the professional circuit.

Calendars are getting crazier and crazier. Bodies can no longer follow. We put evil to sleep, but the wound is always present. The body shouts and we say “shut up!” »

A quote from Jean-Pierre de Mondenard

It’s still amazing that we allow athletes to inject themselves just to get back into the game. It’s not ethical! The young Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz should know that the anesthetic puts the sensors to sleep, but when he continues to play, other members are also the ones who will injure and aggravate him, to the point of being irreparable.

He has never hidden that he suffered infiltrations during the Madrid tournament. This is also why the one in Rome was probably skipped. But it is not imposing repeated injections that will heal your body.

Carlos Alcaraz has admitted to having used infiltrations in the Madrid tournament.

Photo: Associated Press / Manu Fernández

I remember these epic duels between French cyclist Cyrille Guimard and Belgian Eddy Merckx, adds Jean-Pierre De Mondenard. To withstand the infernal rhythm imposed by the Belgian, Cyrille received daily infiltrations. Two days after arrival, he was barely standing on his legs, they had to help him get on the bike! He said at the end of his career that it was the worst thing he had ever done, because he had mortgaged parts of his body for the rest of his life. Young Alcaraz should think twice.

Jean-Pierre de Mondenard appeals to common sense and, above all, to respect for ethics.

When we use infiltrations, we expose the body to further injuries. This is not medicine! I repeat, we transgress the Hippocratic oath, but in the name of what, victory? What victory? he concludes.

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