Nothing happens between table tennis and Bernaville town hall

The dialogue between Cyrille Somon and Christelle Leclercq is broken. (© Le Journal d’Abbeville / archive photos)

The president of the Doullens-Bernaville table tennis club (DBTT, based in Bernaville) does not hide his bitterness in an open letter addressed to “Mrs. Leclercq, Mayor of Bernaville and her City Council.”

Do you want to discourage volunteer association? Do you want rare sports associations to leave the municipal territory?

Cyril SomonPresident of Bernaville Doullens Table Tennis

The grant divided by three

In this long two-page letter posted on social media earlier this week, Cyril Somon laments the drastic reductions in the annual municipal grant: a third less last year, and even less 50% this year.

“In two years, our grant has been divided by three,” sums up Cyril Somon, who believes that the club and its more than 50 members “radiate the name of Bernaville to all the Alts-de-France.” .

“A Policy of a Scarce Little Accountant”

The words used are sometimes harsh, the president of table tennis laments remarkably “a poor little accountant’s policy,” with a municipality that invests in information panels, “but nothing for culture, nothing for sport.”

“Your action is aimed at the death of the local associative fabric,” continues Cyril Somon in his letter.

For Christelle Leclercq, these accusations are unacceptable. “Everyone has the right to express themselves, of course. But how can we tell when five local associations have been formed since the beginning of the term? As for billboards, they are made to help associations communicate. Table tennis is the only local club that does not communicate on these panels, or through the town hall and its Facebook page. »

Does the association support the municipality?

The mayor of Bernaville goes further: “The association does not organize any events during the year, not even in a private circle. It is not communicated locally when there are sporting events. It does not sustain the community. In addition, of the more than 50 members, only 5 are from Bernaville. Maybe the association can also apply to other municipalities … “

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On the other hand, Cyril Somon points to a double standard among sports clubs, regretting that the football club receives a grant of 4,000 euros (which this year requested table tennis, the grant limited to 1,000 euros), “for the dissemination and travel in a much smaller geographical area ”.

An incomplete comparison for the mayor. “What Cyril Somon forgets to say is that the football club is one of the few stadiums that is not municipalized. Therefore, all charges are in your charge, it begins. This is not the case with table tennis, which is not charged for the room loan or the charges. Throughout the year, it costs us a lot more. “The expenses related to the sports pavilion are estimated at 9,162 euros in 2021 (for table tennis and the dojo of the judo club).

Dialogue is broken

As many exchanges as the elected and the president of the association did not have directly: the dialogue seems totally broken. Cyril Somon regrets not being invited to the last town hall, during which the reduction of the subsidy was voted unanimously.

Christelle Leclercq points out that the table tennis club is the only one of the eighteen associations in the village that has not responded to the invitation of a recent coordination meeting.

I’m not sure the open letter will allow the dialogue to be renewed in the short term …

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