A teenager hit by a car, a menacing man in his forties … The different events this Thursday in Auvergne soon

At around 2.30am on Thursday, a police patrol crossed the Cours Sablon in the center of Clermont-Ferrand, a 125 cm scooter whose driver was traveling without a helmet. While officials were trying to control him, he accelerated and fled in the direction of Avinguda Carnot, then Carrer Bansac, which he took in the opposite direction. His career came to a halt a few minutes later in Salford Square, near Delille Square. When he found himself in front of a police vehicle, the fugitive lost control of his vehicle, which fell to the ground.

Unharmed, the 18-year-old, who was traveling without a license and without insurance, was taken to police custody. This has been extended this Thursday evening, the time when the police could make checks, in particular on the scooter, which would be stolen (according to the first checks made on the two-wheeled vehicle, the serial number that appears on the frame, indeed, it has been expanded). archived, then repainted its location).

Arrested after threatening firefighters in Vernet-Chaméane

A 42-year-old man was arrested on Thursday morning at his home in Vernet-Chaméane. On Sunday, firefighters intervened at his home, alerted by a relative after suicidal messages. They would then have threatened them with a pistol and a long gun. This Thursday morning he was arrested by a specialized intervention section of the Ardèche, supported by the gendarmes of the surveillance and intervention section of the gendarmerie of Issoire and La Bourboule. Soldiers discovered a dozen airsoft weapons as well as numerous knives. The man is currently in police custody at the Brassac-les-Mines gendarmerie.


Fire from a coffee maker at the source of a fire in the old Montluçon

For reasons yet to be determined, a coffee maker was the cause of the fire that broke out on Thursday, May 19, shortly before 3:30 p.m., in an apartment on the fourth floor of a building located in the backyard. 30. des Serruriers, in Montluçon. As the apartment was empty at the time, it was the neighbors, alerted by thick smoke coming out of the windows, who alerted the fire department. The latter quickly moved to the scene and quickly controlled the accident, after having to break down the front door. A disaster that blackened the walls of the house, but should not involve relocation measures.

As this intervention took place in the old Montluçon, about fifteen firefighters from Montluçon and Doyet took part, under the orders of Lieutenant Bonneau. The police services, as well as those of Enedis and GRDF, have also moved to the scene. Samu’s doctors were also present, but they did not have to intervene.

premium A young man shot in the eye and hospitalized after a shooting in the center of Riom (Puy-de-Dôme)

A teenager hit by a car in Montluçon

A thirteen-year-old girl who was crossing Marcel-Paul Street in Montluçon, outside a protected passage, was hit by a car on Thursday, May 19, at around 3 p.m. Complaining about her hip, she was taken to the Montluçon hospital by fire ambulance. Police made the usual findings.

Montluçon police services to “bleed” in time!

Next to the bed of an elderly person, on Wednesday 18 May, in the Saint-Jean district of Montluçon, Samu’s doctors urgently needed a bag of blood. They asked the police to mobilize a vehicle to transport the refrigerator containing the said pocket, while the cyclists opened the road. Thus, the delivery was made in record time. This made it possible to transport the patient to the hospital in the city on the banks of the Cher. He was previously flown to Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital.

A woman injured in the face as a result of an altercation between motorcyclists in Lusigny

A woman has been taken to hospital for examination after an altercation between motorcyclists that took place this Thursday at around 3.45pm in the town of Lusigny. This driver, alone in her car, saw in the rearview mirror a man coming at full speed. This biker overtook her. He then hit her several times before finally getting out of her vehicle and punching the driver in the face. An investigation is underway, commissioned by the Dompierre-sur-Besbre gendarmerie brigade.


Drive with 1.8 g of alcohol per liter of blood in Aurillac

A 50-year-old man was checked by police while driving his vehicle on Antony-Joly Boulevard in Aurillac on Tuesday, May 17, at around 7.30pm. It circulated with 1.8 grams of alcohol per liter of blood. He was summoned to appear on conviction in November, in addition to the administrative suspension of his driver’s license.

A teenager beaten in the center of the city of Aurillac

This Wednesday, May 18, at around 3 pm, a 13-year-old girl was hit on the street by a young man, just an adult. He was arrested at around 6.10pm and admitted to the incident. He was summoned to appear on a guilty plea in November for answering for these acts of violence.

Appointment with the cannabis prosecutor’s delegate

On Tuesday, May 17, in the square, in Aurillac, the police were surprised by the attitude of a 17-year-old hidden on arrival. He was controlled in possession of a very small amount of cannabis, he was heard at the police station. It will have to be explained in June to the prosecutor’s delegate. On Monday, he is the driver of a scooter that was checked without gloves, without insurance, in possession of 40 grams of cannabis this time: he will also have to meet with the prosecutor’s delegate to find out his sanction.

A septuagenarian was injured in an accident in Riom-ès-Montagnes

This Thursday, May 19, at around 9.50 am, a car left the road at the roundabout at the entrance to Riom-ès-Montagnes, ending its race in a meadow. At the wheel, the 72-year-old driver was taken to Mauriac Hospital for check-ups, as was a 73-year-old passenger. A 77-year-old passenger received a severe blow to the head: he was taken by firefighters to Saint-Flour Hospital. Riom, Ydes and Le Claux firefighters took part, as did the Smur de Saint-Flour and the gendarmes of the Riom-ès-Montagnes brigade.

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