Why is Amber Heard so much hate on the Internet?

The Internet is obsessed with Johnny Depp’s lawsuit against Amber Heard. Internet users do not hesitate to criticize and harass the ex-wife of the American actor, but why? What is the reason for this wave of harassment?

The defamation suit filed by Johnny Depp against his ex-wife Amber Heard is widely circulated. Johnny Depp is suing Amber Heard for $ 50 million whom he accuses of having ruined his reputation and career. In fact, Amber Heard wrote an editorial published in 2018 in the Washington Post. She had described domestic violence. Johnny Depp has since been the victim of a boycott of the Hollywood industry.

Amber Heard during the lawsuit filed by Johnny Depp – Credit: Law & Crime Network / YouTube

In this Depp / Heard case, Internet users already have a very clear opinion. The trial is not over yet Amber Heard arouses a lot of hatred in the networks. Internet users are numerous to criticize, even harass the actress. Even Warner Bros. he wanted to fire Amber Heard from the casting of Aquaman 2, in vain.

“Anti-fandoms” are created to attack celebrities and in particular Amber Heard

Faced with this hatred of Amber Heard, some try to defend her. In particular, the small Twitter account “@LeaveHeardAlone” is dedicated to protecting the actress. According to Rebecca, who is behind this story, this hatred comes from millennials whose morals are closely tied to their fandom. This term designates the specific subculture of a fan community.

We cling so much of our own identity to the things we love. So if these things are threatened, you either have to admit that you are kind of a bad person because you like these things, or you have to convince yourself that everyone else is wrong. said Rebecca.

In fact, Internet users who hate Amber Heard so much are not necessarily very loyal fans of Johnny Depp. These are mostly of ” anti fan of Amber Heard. Together they create a kind of anti fandom This works just like the fandom, but it has become the dark side.

As Hilde Van den Bulck, a professor of communication at Drexel University, explained. anti-fans know as much about his anti-fandom as fans know about his fandom “. Mention the fame in question, in this case Amber Heard. However, they enjoy a relationship that is ” often very deep, very emotional According to Hilde Van den Bulck.

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Fans accuse Amber Heard of ruining the #MeToo movement after divorcing before it existed

Some anti-fans even use the #MeToo movement (#BalanceTonPorc in France) that encourages women to talk about violence, sexual violence and rape to criticize Amber Heard. According to Victoria Hervey, a British model, ” so many people are fed up with these fake victims of the #MeToo movement ruining it for the real victims of domestic violence “.

Another fandom internet user named Mary, however, explained that ” the idea is that #MeToo happened and then Amber Heard saw it and was opportunistic about it, which is a story that completely falls apart when you remember that she divorced even before #MeToo existed.and ”. In fact, anti-fans use any detail, true or false, to conspire against a person.

Johnny Depp was just a “platform” to attack Amber Heard

Finally, Johnny Depp no ​​longer defends himself as much as before. Fans lost interest because ” I only used it as a platform According to Mary. From now on, fans are obsessed with Amber Heard and don’t think about Johnny Depp anymore.

This phenomenon is especially illustrated by the request to dismiss Amber Heard from the casting of Aquaman 2 which has already passed 4 million signatures. However, the petition to return Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow has so far garnered less than 700,000 signatures. Therefore, the wave of hatred against Amber Heard has already grown more than the movement in support of Johnny Depp.

Source: The Atlantic

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