Paris prosecutor’s office opens investigation – Release

Fiber optic cables and pipes were cut during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, disconnecting thousands of Internet users from the network.

A preliminary investigation was opened on Wednesday after a wave of unprecedented malicious acts targeting the national fiber optic network, the Paris prosecutor’s office said. More specifically, it was the cyber section of this prosecution that opened an investigation into the crimes of “property damage that could harm the fundamental interests of the nation,” “obstruct an automated data processing system,” and “conspiracy.” “., with respect to these incidents. The latter has caused slowdowns and cuts in Internet access in several major French cities on Wednesday, including Grenoble, Besançon, Reims and Strasbourg.

On Twitter, several customers of the Free operator in Grenoble and Strasbourg complained about not having more internet speed through their Freebox. The downdetector site, which lists real-time website and network crashes, reports more than 2,200 internet complaints around 9 a.m. Around noon, however, some Internet users in Hauts-de-France claimed to have new Internet access, as has been pointed out. the voice of the north.

The Ministry of Economy confirmed to AFP that it had been informed of the problem “cut tubes” which could correspond to acts of vandalism, while the operator Free, of which 70% of the capacities would be affected, reported on Twitter that “Multiple acts of malevolence” about the fiber infrastructure that occurred overnight and now “Circumscribed.” “The attacks took place tonight at 4 am. Since this morning, the teams have been mobilized.said the operator who expects the network to be “recovered during the day”.

In the ObsAn official source confirms that this is a “coordinated malicious act“in particular”hard“i”very strange“.”This situation is very worrying because it is a real operation. They can be smart little activists or much more serious. The gendarmerie will be mobilized to monitor the field“, Continues this source interviewed by the weekly.

“This kind of incident of this magnitude never happens”a source familiar with the matter told AFP. “It’s the first time, and we don’t know who it is at the moment”he continued, indicating that control devices had been put in place to prevent this from happening elsewhere.

According to BFMTV, “The incidents have so far been identified at the level of three connections: Paris-Lille, Paris-Strasbourg, and also Paris-Lyon, between 3.20 and 5.40 pm from 26 to 27 April. . These are long-distance networks, but they may still be of interest to people. In addition, fiber optic cables also power cell towers, which provide an Internet connection for mobile phones. Therefore, they are likely to be affected..

SFR worried, Bouygues saved

Operator SFR, also concerned, confirmed “Various fiber cuts” around Lyon and the Île-de-France, the origin of which “is unknown”. “Teams are on deck” and the “Work in progress”, the company continued. On the other hand, its competitor Bouygues Telecom “Does not use the links affected by these breakdowns and mobile and fixed services are provided normally”said the group. “Three of Free’s four arteries, which form the backbone of his network, have been vandalized.”other sources said.

In Strasbourg, the service provider “cloud” (dematerialized computing), Agora Calycé had also announced at 7.25 am on Twitter that it would submit “Currently a multi-operator national incident” which affects customers “fiber connected”. “It’s a bit like highways are cut off and traffic on national roads has to be diverted.”, commented Sami Slim, CEO of Telehouse, one of the Internet traffic hubs in France. With new construction “roads” to avoid disturbances, “it works, there may be small cuts here and there, but the internet works”added.

Update at 12:00 and 18:15: SFR reactions, return of the Internet to the Alts-de-France, opening of a preliminary investigation by the Paris prosecutor’s office.

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