Cisco 2022 Broadband Index: Very High Speed ​​France Plan, 71% of French Want to Accelerate Deployment of High-Speed, Reliable Internet Connection

Cisco has recently unveiled the new edition of its broadband index that demonstrates the demandthis increase of the French in terms of the quality of their Internet connection. Carried out with almost 60,000 working people from 30 countries, with special attention to France, the study questions their opinion on their Internet access, the quality of theirconnection and broadband usage at home.

Remi Durand Gasselin, southern Sales in Europe DirectorCisco Global Service Providers, decipher the results of this study.

What are the key findings of the Cisco Broadband Index? 2022 and the notable changes from the previous edition?

France is in a positive dynamic in terms of the deployment of a quality Internet throughout the territory and has set ambitious goals for all a each pSwitzerland has fast access to quality connectivity. Then how to explain this contradictory feeling shared by French workers regarding the quality of their Internet connection?
The Cisco Broadband Index 2022 study highlights that it is activeThe French are especially concerned about their Internet connection, as it plays an important role in the professional and private spheres. Confinements and teleworking have accentuated the demands of the French who now expect the government to do solocal authorities and businesses, increased investment to accelerate this deployment.

It is also observed that changes in the approach to work organization have intensified the geographical mobility of employeesrs … but not at any price! For 66% of French workers, the speed of broadband internet is became a decisive factor to consider when moving house.

How Cisco Can Help With Very High Speed ​​Deployment In France And
to prepare for the “Internet of the future”?

Cisco is a longtime ally of France to support it in its digital transformation. Since 2015, more than 300 million euros have been invested to support innovation within the ecosystem betweenFrench acquisition.

The relationship that Cisco maintains with France is very strong and, more than ever, we make all our experience available for very high speed deployment throughout France thanks to our partners and operators. telecommunications. At the same time, we also believe that issues of cybersecurity and digital inclusion must be at the heart of this development.

Why is access to quality Internet essential for the development of SMEs?

The pandemic has had the main effect of increasing connectivity requirements. Currently, the professional activity of almost a third of French workers depends on the quality of their Internet connection at home. In fact, 30% of workers surveyed under the BRoadband Index 2022 tells us that they rely on their own connection to work or run their business.

But the issue of connectivity is even more urgent for SMEs that do not have the same information and infrastructure resources.rmatic than large companies. SMEs represent 99% of French companies, so it is essential to be able to provide them with a high-performance and secure broadband network.

How hybrid work has been democratized bneeds raised in terms of very high speed connection and cybersecurity?

The least that can be said is that hybrid work has become a commonplace and is now rooted in the practices of French workers, 33% of whom have lostclaims to use a broadband connection daily for at least 7 hours. Therefore, they have logically become more demanding in terms of the quality of their internet connection. Unfortunately, 73% of workers remain dissatisfied with current services it is considered insufficient to support mixed work.

In addition, French workers are demanding an improvement in their Internet connection but also guarantees in terms of security. The democratization of hybrid labor has increased the number of conneWe access business applications from networks that are more vulnerable than those in the workplace. That’s why it’s still essential to provide employees with the tools and solutions they need to securely access private data.they are. Freedom of choice for the job should not be at the expense of security! This freedom, 42% of French workers maintain it firmly, the latter say they are willing to invest more to make sure they have a connection. secure broadband.

The desire for flexibility was re-expressed in a recent Cisco study conducted after the broadband index. We find out that 74.5% of French employees say they are happier since they have had the opportunity to workr from where they want. This positive feeling directly benefits companies, as 6 out of 10 French employees surveyed say they have been more productive since the introduction of hybrid work.

Why are the next few yearscrucial to bridging the digital divide?

The issue of Internet access goes beyond the professional world. 72% of workers in France link economic growth to a fast and reliable internet connection, while 67% consider it to maintain a good quality education and transmission of information.

By making people more connected than ever, the pandemic has brought to light the realities of the digital divide. Cisco believes that connectivity is essential to creating a society and an economy in which all citizens live can participate and thrive. Next-generation wireless technologies such as 5G and Wi-Fi 6 can help us bridge this digital divide. Acting quickly to improve Internet access means working for digital inclusion.

Rémi Durand-Gasselin, Director of Sales for Southern Europe, Cisco Global Service Providers.

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