Used: which electric car to buy with 15,000 euros?

With a diesel price of around 2 euros a liter, it has never been so tempting to switch to electricity. Lower refueling price than a full tank of fuel, reduced cost of use, generally less expensive insurance … there are countless arguments in favor of this type of vehicle. Added to this is less expensive maintenance. And for good reason: there is no gearbox, clutch or exhaust in an electric car. Parts that wear out over time and can be expensive to replace.

On paper, the electric car is therefore the ideal solution to reduce your car budget. Problem: Despite the eco-friendly bonus, the new purchase price remains high, much more than an equivalent thermal model. It costs 26,800 euros to offer you a new Renault Zoé, after deducting the bonus of 6,000 euros, when a Renault Clio with hybrid engine (E-Tech 145) starts at 22,350 euros, almost 4,500 euros less.

For those looking for an affordable electric car, the second-hand choice remains the preferred option today. With 15,000 euros in your pocket, you will not leave behind the wheel of a Tesla Model 3 or a crisp electric Fiat 500, but older models, mostly city dwellers, which can be used as a second vehicle at home or for to mainly urban trips. or periurban.

And if your budget is tight, keep in mind that you also benefit from state aid: a $ 1,000 bonus with no proof of resources that can be combined with a conversion bonus if you have an old car to remove. Enough to benefit from grants of up to 6,000 euros, or more than a third of the total budget, if all the conditions are met (reference tax revenues of less than 13,489 euros, trips of more than 12,000 km per year to go to work , etc.) .

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Our selection of used electric cars with a budget of 15,000 euros:


SP / Renault

It’s hard not to start with the Renault Zoé, which is still the most common electric car on the second-hand market. It must be said that this city car (4.08 meters long) is one of the oldest since it has been marketed in France for 10 years. A decade during which the Zoe underwent several evolutions. The most important appeared in 2017 with the arrival of a larger battery to improve autonomy (more than 200 km in real use). This is felt in the prices as this year’s model sometimes costs more than 10,000 euros, compared to approximately 6,200 euros in a 2013/2014 version.

The latest versions from 2018 to 2019 are much more expensive. Count between € 13,000 and € 15,000 for a well-equipped, low-mileage version. A price difference also justified by the fact that Renault abandoned its purchase formula with the rental of batteries from 2018. This is also a point at which to be alert. Because an attractive model may not include the battery … which will then have to pay up to sixty euros a month, depending on the formula chosen by the owner at that time.


SP / Citroën

We have voluntarily brought these two models together because, apart from their logo and name, they are strictly identical. They have nothing to do with French, as they are cousins ​​of a little Japanese girl, Mitusbishi i-Miev. Perfect for driving around the city (small size, good maneuverability), these cars are now listed at less than 6,000 euros for models dating from 2011 to 2012.

With 13,000 euros, you can even leave with a copy of less than 2 years and only 10,000 km on the odometer. A good offer that should not forget the black spot of the Citroën C-Zero (photo above) and the Peugeot Ion: a range of just over 100 km. And this regardless of the year of production as they have never undergone major changes in terms of battery.


SP / Daimler AG

It was in 2012 that Smart discarded its small two-seater city car in an electric version, called ED for Electric Drive. Its small 17.6 kWh battery limits its use in the city (maximum range of 120 km), but that’s why it was designed. It is also a nice car to drive, which even exists in a convertible version. Unfortunately, most will find coupes with your budget. Count about 7,500 euros for a 2015 copy and about 10,000 euros for a latest generation 2017, renamed EQ. A newer model (2019) is priced at around 14,000 euros.

As for the Renault Zoé, find out about the coveted model. Smart having also proposed the purchase of the car with battery rental system.


SP / Daimler AG

Grab a Smart Fortwo, add two seats in the back and get the Smart Forfour. More spacious, especially for young children, this model but has the disadvantage of not benefiting from a larger battery than the small Smart. Therefore, its use on highways should be excluded. In terms of prices, the oldest models (2017) show less than 12,000 euros and it is easy to find a model of only three years for about 14,000 euros.


SP / Nissan

Like the Renault Zoé, the Nissan Leaf was one of the first cars designed around electricity. In addition to its rather original style, the Japanese will appeal to families with its large size (4.45 meters long) and fairly large trunk (more than 300 liters capacity). Pleasant to drive and quite comfortable, its fast charger allows you to anticipate trips on the motorway, although its short range (between 150 and 200 km depending on the news) requires regular stops. Copies of 2012 can easily be found today for less than 7,000 euros, but it is almost double for a 2016 model with a larger battery. Finally, keep in mind that the so-called “Flex” models do not include the price of the battery, which is rented monthly.


SP / Volkswagen

Electric e-Up has had two races. The first, launched between 2013 and 2019, ran on an 18.7 kWh battery that offered a few hundred kilometers. The second, called 2.0, benefited from a larger battery (32 kWh) that allowed more than 250 km of autonomy. With 15,000 euros you will have to be satisfied with the first generation. And yet the models are rare in the second hand market. Like the Smart, it is a model dedicated exclusively to urban use.



With 16,000 euros (15,000 euros thanks to the 1,000 euro bonus), it is even possible to drive a premium car: the BMW i3. But at this price, it doesn’t have to be difficult. The few versions available date back to 2016 at most (hence with the smallest battery available), they are usually input versions and show over 50,000km on the clock.

But the i3 is still an amazing car with its technological options (reverse opening doors, carbon fiber structure) and its interior that contains recycled materials. It is also one of the sportiest of this selection, with an acceleration worthy of a small GTI (from 0 to 100 km / h in 7.5 seconds).

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