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May 10, 2022

Winner of the Aix-en-Provence Challenger, BNP Paribas Primrose No. 2 seed Benjamin Bonzi wants to win and prepare well for Bordeaux before approaching Roland-Garros soon.

Benjamin Bonzi, 56th in the world wants to tackle the tournament as a last resort before it starts Roland Garros ; “It’s a big tournament, it’s in France. It’s important to play and get closer to the conditions in Paris, these are important elements. ” The one who had participated in Primrose for the first time during the 2017 edition, the 306th in the world at the time, had left the classification to reach the semifinals (defeat to Rogerio Dutra Silva). And since then, Nimes has been the series leader for the 2022 edition. ; “It’s an incredible development! 2017 was my first big result of my career, Bordeaux was the trigger and then I did a lot of things, especially with an invitation to Roland-Garros. That year there was a big evolution. 2018 was a difficult year, I changed a lot of things, especially the structures, to give a little boost to my tennis and my game. To get to Bordeaux more comfortably.“.

: Benjamin Bonzi (54th in the world)

Gasquet, Pouille, Verdasco … big names to challenge

For the 3rd French player, there will be no special pressure to play this role of series leader against the big names in world tennis: “I have no special pressure, now I know my rivals well. I know they will inevitably wait for me because I will be the first series leader, the level is homogeneous. There will be no easy matches and I will try my best to get as far as possible.“. What he won six Challengers in 2021. A very rare series as only four have achieved a performance like his in the history of tennis. He even got to the 1/4 of the final of the Paris-Bercy Master.

: Benjamin Bonzi (54th in the world)

In 2022 Benjamin Bonzi failed in the second round of theAustralian Open, the first Grand Slam of the season. Then he finds his first victory during the Challenger of Cherbourg against Constant Lestienne. During Open 13, Benjamin Bonzi loses to 1/2 final and then follows a delicate period with eliminations in the round of 16 a Indian Wells64th final a Miami32nd final a Monte Carlo before beating Estoril, Dominic Thiem ancient number 3 in the world. Benjamin Bonzi ends with a second victory this year in the Challenger of Aix-en-Provence Front of Gregoire Barrere.

306th in the world in 2017, today 56th, an express evolution for the 26-year-old player: “I’m much more stable in what I produce, it’s much more regular whether it’s tennis or emotionally. I can no longer stand the intensities and reproduce these things. It was a great development. I also have a lot of confidence in the season that has just passed, where I have achieved some very good victories. We are progressing a bit everywhere in the intensities of the game, in the intentions of the game, these are my strengths today.“.

: Benjamin Bonzi (54th in the world)

Good preparation before Roland-Garros

Per Benjamin Bonzi, the BNP Paribas Primrose tournament It’s a good preparation for the second Grand Slam of the year: “It is one of the last major events with Paris. There are many players who choose to go through Bordeaux. This year the level is very high. The conditions of the game are similar to those of Roland-Garros. I still have very fond memories of Primrose, I did it twice in 2017 and then in 2018, it was great to play in those conditions with an amazing audience, especially in 2017. It’s an important passage at the end of Roland-Garros preparation.“.

: Benjamin Bonzi (54th in the world)

An experience with the French team

The Stade Toulousain player was also selected for the first time with the French national team to compete in the Davis Cup. A rich learning experience: “it was great to discover this atmosphere, the formula came back as before, with meetings at home. Discovering the national team of France is a pride to wear the shirt and to play for the country. It was a great experience, which allowed me to learn. We have a great preparation before the event, I keep amazing memories

: Benjamin Bonzi (54th in the world)

[Par Dorian Malvesin, © photo ARL – Loic Cousin]

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