Seine Maritime. Scammers steal your BMW through a very sophisticated scam

The criminals left with their car, they never paid for it and it is unresolved. (© Illustration / AdobeStock)

Most of the French have returned from their weekend Easter relaxed, pleased to have been able to enjoy an extra day of rest. For Karl, a resident of a nearby town Goderville (Seine Maritime), the reality was very different. The sky fell on his head on Tuesday, April 19, 2022, as he was the victim of a scam which cost him … your BMW !

29,900 euros for the BMW

He returns at the beginning of the month, Friday 8, when he puts his vehicle up for sale on the premises The good corner. Price of the BMW 335D: 29,900 euros. A few days later, a lady from Bordeaux asks for additional information, photos and availability. After confirming his interest, he asks Karl for his identity for the order of the cashier’s check. In return, he does the same for the buyer, a certain Emile, with the address to write the deed of sale.

“They said they had already sold their car”

The next day, Friday the 15th, the private seller receives a photo of the check issued by Crédit Agricole de Villenave-d’Ornona village located nearby Bordeaux, for an amount of 29,500 euros. “There was a difference of 400 euros, but I told myself that they kept a small margin for the on-site negotiation, which is usually done, so I was not surprised,” says Karl. A meeting at the train station Breaute-Beuzeville he immediately arranged for the next day: “It was quite urgent because they said they had already sold their car.”

“Start believing in a scam”

On Saturday 16 April, the seller calls the Crédit Agricole office in Villenave-d’Ornon to check the bank check. However, the sign is closed due to the Easter weekend. “It probably wasn’t by chance,” Karl suspects. He immediately called his agency, that of Criquetot-l’Esneval, which is open. We tell you that if the one in Villenave-d’Ornon is closed, they can’t check …

He shows up with the vehicle on Saturday, April 16, around 2:45 p.m., but waits alone on the platform. Send SMS and call the famous Emile, no answer. “Start believing in a scam”, when three people arrive on foot – two men and a woman. This is Emile, his partner and a friend, Benji.

They leave by car

They comment for a moment on the car, then the buyer tells him that he came by train, but that he had forgotten the cashier’s check. So it was his two companions who brought sesame seeds. “Doubtful explanations,” according to Karl. Go to the seller’s house to do the sales paperwork … and have a drink on the terrace. “As they were coming from Bordeaux, I thought I must be tired,” said the Seinomarin.

Well rested and refreshed, the three individuals leave at 5pm with their BMW and papers. Karl completes the sale procedure on the ANTS (National Securities Agency) website and sends the necessary code via SMS to Emile. Reply at 9:53 p.m .: “Yes, thank you, I’ll call you tomorrow without fail. »

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The check has just been canceled

It happens on Easter Monday, with no news. On Tuesday 19 April, Karl called Crédit Agricole in Villenave-d’Ornon, confirming the existence of this 29,500-euro bank check, with the correct number. But the person on the phone asks him to wait. After a few minutes, she tells him that this check has been canceled just before your call.

“I don’t understand, how can a cashier’s check be canceled while I have it in my hands ?! Karl asks. Just a possible explanation: the document you have is not the original, but a copy. Naturally, Emile no longer answers the phone. Karl begins to understand who has just been scammed.

“Only theft or robbery is guaranteed”

He lodged a complaint and contacted his Criquetot-l’Esneval bank branch, which contacted Villenave-d’Ornon. Unheard of, according to specialists. The scammer, insured “at all risks”, also sends a theft statement to his Swiss life insurance company in Goderville in which he replies that “only thefts are guaranteed for theft or assault” and not thefts “for fraud “.

“There are several tracks but it’s very long”

You will no longer receive any news from your insurer or bank.. “Since the complaint was filed, I have been talking to the gendarmerie, which is trying to gather evidence. There are several tracks but it is very long, laments Karl. When you call the bank, you think you’re really safe, but it’s not like that at all. »

According to him, scammers have a well-oiled and organized process. When they saw his ad, they would have posted another in parallel, similar, with the same amount. When the person whose real name is Emile wanted to buy the car from the fake ad, the criminals allegedly named him Karl. They went through Karl to Emile and Emile to Karl.

Still according to the victim, Emile allegedly sent them a copy of his check. So there’s a bank check from Karl. The thieves did not appear at the meeting with Emile, but at the Seinomarin. As a result, Emile would have canceled his check immediately. The one Karl has would be a copy. The latter ends up without his car and without the money they owe him.

Absolutely no one is responsible, you find yourself alone in this and no one compensates you. I was devastated.


The Criquetot-l’Esneval gendarmerie did not want to speak and the Swiss life insurance did not respond to our requests. “I decide, I’m not going to get sick of it,” Karl puts into perspective. There are wounded, dead, it’s just money and a car. But when you think we were getting ready to help my son with his apartment, it bothers me a lot …

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