How much can you save on your purchase?

While supply is growing, hybrid cars have more wind than ever before in their sails. And for good reason, most manufacturers now offer fashion alternatives, in all segments. Enough to seduce bikers!

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Loading a hybrid car

What are the benefits of a hybrid car?

The advantages are numerous:

  • fuel economy
  • ease of driving
  • versatility of hybrid cars (in the city and on the highway)
  • polluting emissions of CO2 reduced

Models that combine thermal and electric motorization have many advantages. It is enough to make many motorists want to take the step, while developing the charging infrastructure, which allows them to drive in zero-emission mode on most daily journeys and therefore achieve significant savings. fuel. A significant argument in favor of hybridization, at a time when the price of gasoline and diesel it is especially high.

If you can afford a high acquisition cost, you should know that plug-in hybrid vehicles are eligible for various state aids, which allows you to lower your bill. Find out which ones.

The ecological bonus

As with electric cars, plug-in hybrids can now claim an eco-friendly bonus. with a limit of 1,000 euros. A small important boost for the government, which will unfortunately disappear for good from next July.

So don’t wait if you want to take advantage of this help! In order to benefit from this, you will have to choose a vehicle that rejects between 21 and 50 grams of CO2 per kilometer, capable of driving at less than 50 km in 100% electric mode and costs less than € 50,000.

Plug-in hybrid car parking space

The conversion bonus

Motorists who want to buy a plug-in hybrid vehicle can also take advantage of the conversion bonus, which allows them to reduce their bill again. Combined with the ecological bonus, this aid is then granted for the scrapping of a second-hand car, for the purchase of a connected car, new or second-hand.

The conversion bonus scale in 2022

The amount of this then depends on the reference tax income of the person requesting, but also on the autonomy in 100% electric mode of the vehicle purchased.

  • If this is less than 50 km, the bonus is € 3,000, for taxable income less than € 13,489 per unit.
  • If it is higher, the aid is intended for € 5,000, for the same income. Then you can climb € 6,000 if the price of the vehicle is less than € 50,000.
  • If the reference tax income is higher than € 13,489 per unit, the premium amount is reduced. It has a limit of € 1,500 for a vehicle with an electric range of less than 50 km and € 2,500 if it is higher.

Local aid for clean hybrid vehicles

Some local authorities also offer specific aid for the purchase of a hybrid vehicle.

In the Great metropolis of Paris for example, it is possible to claim a bonus of up to € 6,000, according to the same principle as the conversion bonus. However, several conditions must be met:

  • You have to abandon your old car which will be destroyed.
  • The value of the replaced vehicle cannot exceed € 50,000 excluding taxes.
  • The aid can only be used once per person for a single vehicle.
  • The new vehicle can be new, used, for long term rental or with option to purchase.
  • The help allows you to opt for a clean vehicle (car, van, etc.).

Finally, adding up all the aid can save up to € 13,000 on the purchase of a plug-in hybrid vehicle.

Good thing to know: in almost every region of France, the gray card becomes almost free for clean vehicles. There is a tax exemption on electric and hybrid cars that significantly reduces the price. In the case of a hybrid car, you only pay € 13.76 for your gray card.

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