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As an extension of a recent Index-Mediamétrie webinar, here’s a look at the top 20 monthly jobs / careers based on the measure of the global Internet audience for February 2022 from Médiametrie // NetRatings.

Job Searching: The 20 Importing Hearing Centers That Matter – © DR

Every day, 2.8 million people visit job search sites and applications. But what is the audience ranking of the 20 websites that count in the job and career category?

A recent Web Tank RH and RH Matin webinar, organized with Indeed and Médiamétrie, gave an overview.

This webinar, organized on April 7, 2022, provided an update on the battle for the Internet audience of jobs. Audiences, profiles, screens, and uses: We dissected all of these metrics to better understand the dynamics of Internet audiences.

One of the slides presented provides an overview of the players who matter in this area from a public perspective:

  • engines,
  • job boards,
  • platforms,
  • HR service portals.

To refine the approach, RH invites you to return to the topic by focusing on the top 20 players in the ranking, which change from month to month. The following zoom refers to the month of February 2022 with the source Médiametrie // NetRatings, measures the global Internet audience.

Job Searching: The 20 Importing Hearing Centers That Matter - © DR
Job Searching: The 20 Importing Hearing Centers That Matter – © DR

Job search: heavyweights through the prism of the public

The top 5 benchmark players are usually the most exposed in terms of their influence in the Internet audience market:

  • The website employment center, the national public job search service, generates 8.5 million unique visitors a month. A logical place because it is essential that job seekers do a job search but also do administrative paperwork for (monthly update of their situation for example) or get in touch via messaging with a Pôle emploi advisor.
  • The first influential player in the private sector is Indeed with 6.2 million unique visitors. It is the engine of employment of American origin (but with a Japanese parent company, Recruit Holdings) that is closer to the audience score achieved by Pôle emploi.
  • In third place is Region work of the HelloWork group (owned by the regional press group Le Télégramme). The first French ambassador of French platforms has 2.5 million unique visitors a month. It has just announced a major change by merging these local sites into its Regionsjob network under a single platform and brand: HelloWork. A strategic change that should affect audience ratings on the Internet and will need to be monitored.
  • In fourth place is Jobs which has managed to cut a place of choice in the category of jobs and career while the positioning of the portal (owned by the Adevinta group) is initially anchored in the more general market of small ads between individuals.
  • In February 2022, the platform of Canadian origin occupies the fifth position in the Internet audience ranking which is also facing a major migration with a name change (adoption of the generic name, replacing which has an impact on the Internet audience generated and its referral to Google. With 1.4 million unique visitors, it manages to rise to the top 5 of this thematic category of jobs.

Four more players manage to surpass the one million unique visitors per month bar:

  • Cadremploi (1.3 million unique visitors) which focuses on the executive job market as its name suggests (Figaro Classifieds group),
  • Jooblea working engine of Ukrainian origin, with 1.2 million unique visitors,
  • Meteojob (CleveConnect group) at a similar audience level,
  • Jurisprudence work stands out a bit for its positioning as a legal employment portal with 1 million unique visitors.

The top 10 ends with Jobijoba (owned by the HelloWork group) which has 900,000 unique visitors, just like the interim specialist Adecco .

11th to 20th rank: variations on the same theme of employment

The second part of the ranking of the top 20 is made up of actors with heterogeneous profiles:

  • in 11th place (information and documentation center for young people) with 800,000 unique visitors,
  • The youth guidance portal reaches a similar audience in the US Glass door both a work engine and a community platform with the anonymous opinions of employees or former employees of the company. The latter has also signed a trade and technology alliance with Indeed. Common point: It has the same reference shareholder Recruit Hodlings in Japan.
  • The website of theAPEC which serves as the gateway for executives is ranked 14th (700,000 unique visitors).
  • In the category of actors who represent the world of interim, Manpower ranks 17th with 700,000 unique visitors. Competitor Randstad appears under the prism of the working engine Monster acquired in 2016 in 19th place with 600,000 unique visitors.
  • The independent recruitment and employer branding platform Welcome to the Jungle appears in 16th place with 700,000 unique visitors.

Employment in the public sector and territories: a strong accumulated audience

Emploi-collectivité, “Territorial mobility and place of contracting of local entities” operated by the Parisian company Contact Emploi, which occupies the fifteenth position (700,000 unique visitors),
Emploi-territorial.frthe job portal of the territorial civil service management centers and the National Center for the Territorial Civil Service (CNFPT) with 600,000 unique visitors (18th place), (Infopro digital group), number 20 with 600,000 unique visitors as well.

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