Soon live broadcasts on Netflix?

On Netflix there is always something new on the way: series, movies, documentaries, feature films … After launching its own catalog of video games in recent months, the streaming platform “TUDUM” is currently working on a new type of program. : live broadcasts. It’s not television yet, but it’s starting to look like it …

In 2013, Netflix changed the world of entertainment with its only season 1 premiere Castle of cards. While viewers were accustomed to watching their favorite series at the rate of one or two episodes a week on traditional channels, a revolution had just taken place: watching it all in one night became possible. the observation of binges she was born. And it led to a lot of insomnia, while the streaming platform has continued to grow, offering an increasingly extensive and successful catalog. Strange things a money theft Going through Lupine, The Bridgerton Chronicle On The Crown.

In addition to programs, Netflix also regularly offers new features to its interface, such as random, skipping buttons, tops by category, or many options for editing your list. And last but not least, the SVOD service does not hesitate to diversify. Following the recent release of a catalog of video games, it is now being broadcast live that the big N Rouge is being studied. And it could happen even sooner than you think …

According to the US site Limit date, which would store the information of people working for Netflix, the platform that makes “TUDUM”, so it is currently doing much more than studying the possibility of broadcasting live programs. A diversification that would allow the service to offer its subscribers programs such as tele-hook shows where the public has to vote, or even and above all stand-up shows. One way to respond to Disney + in the United States, while there is, Dance with the stars it will now be broadcast on the platform with big ears. Which obviously begs the question: Can this new Netflix broadcast service only affect the United States, at least initially?

Live sports on Netflix?

It all depends on the content. The principle of live streaming is that you cannot subtitle live. Unless you have Flash on your keyboard, well, the last one I heard is still an imaginary character. As a result, it is not easy to broadcast a live US program without being able to offer VOST to other countries. On the other hand, there is a type of program for which the broadcast in the original version would not pose too many problems, even with the possibility of having commentators in the dedicated language: sport. We recently saw Prime Video start, with the broadcast of Ligue 1 or Roland-Garros, for example. In Britain, the platform also broadcasts Premier League matches. Therefore, it is entirely possible, if Netflix wanted to follow this model, to see the arrival of coverage of international and / or national events. Seconds Limit dateis the unexpected success of the documentary series Formula 1: Pilots of your destiny which could push the N rouge platform to delve into the world of live sports, even if the American media understands that this would not yet be the priority.

In addition, if the possibility of broadcasting live programs, also with, for example, mythical casting meetings (as for Friends i Harry Potter recently) may cause synchronization issues worldwide, this new offering would allow the development of new programs in French. Reality shows, talent shows (dancing, cooking, singing, jumping over a bathtub …) during which the public could vote, or new original content, but also live comedy shows, when ‘enough is available for streaming. . And if the sport could ever be interested in it, then there would be a new strong competitor to position itself in the tenders, both in football and in rugby, tennis or basketball …

More than just an evolution, the arrival of live programming on Netflix could therefore be a real revolution.

Source: Limit date

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