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Auto123 Updatestest the BMW 330e 2022, Touring version! Today is the second of two parts of our European journey.

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No stress
The advantage of having a plug-in hybrid vehicle is that you can use it just like a stress-free hybrid vehicle to put it fully charged. During our stay, we had tried several times to test the French charging stations without ever being able to connect to them. Not because it is not enough, but simply because the number of electric vehicles is large, chargers are more in demand.

So on several occasions we found ourselves in front of terminals that were out of service or that were already loading a vehicle. We then learned that these terminals could not load two vehicles at once. So we had to wait our turn.

Fortunately, then we could rely on our fossil energy to escape. Thus, when we had the opportunity to recharge, we could easily drive around the city in all-electric mode; when there was no more juice, the internal combustion engine took over without any driver intervention. This made it very easy, because we let the computer take care of everything.

If during the day, when we drove 80 km mainly in the city, the on-board computer showed us 3.2 liters / 100 km, the rest of the time, with the highest speed limits in France, our consumption was slightly higher. at 8.0 liters. / 100 km. Which isn’t bad for a 300hp 4×4 with four people on board.

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BMW 330e 2022, front section, headlight

adaptive headlights
Another point that we also really liked and rediscovered was the adaptive laser headlight system that was adapted to our vehicle. We had already used it in other BMW vehicles in Canada, but we certainly hadn’t used it as intensively as in France. At least if we had noticed this particularity before, we would have clearly underestimated its effectiveness.

In these test conditions, the sun set very early, around 4:30 pm, we used our lights much more often in environments that were sometimes very poorly lit. However, according to BMW, these laser headlights have a light beam ten times as intense as LEDs or xenon lights for a range of 530 meters. Combined with Dynamic Light Spot technology, an infrared camera can detect a pedestrian, animal, or object on the road up to 100 meters away and point a laser beam at it. It basically highlights the danger on the road.

This technology also has the support of the Selective Beam system that detects vehicles approaching or in front of us so as not to dazzle them. As a result, we drove during the holidays with the headlights full and the system made sure that the other motorists never went blind. We could clearly see the shadow zone that was forming over the vehicle in front as it illuminated the other areas with the headlights full. This technology, which retails for $ 1,500 in Canada, is well worth it.

BMW 330e 2022, front

The prices
German vehicles are often thought to cost less on the other side of the Atlantic. Well, with this BMW 330e it’s just the opposite. Our European model came fully equipped at 76,000 euros. There were many options, but not all. For example, it did not have a panoramic sunroof (which is often standard in Canada), ventilated seats, and some other small options that are often offered in Canada.

It’s simple, reconfiguring the same vehicle in Canada, we reached $ 76,441, taxes and delivery charges included. Yes, it is expensive, but the preconceived notion that German vehicles cost less in Europe is at odds.

We wanted to repeat the exercise and set up a 530e xDrive and took care to select the same options in both configurations. Again, in Canada a 530e xDrive cost $ 78,881, including taxes and delivery, while in France the vehicle costs 68,000 euros, or about $ 93,000 in Canadian funds. So, for an equivalent model, it is more interesting to buy a BMW here than in Europe.

We are also doing the same exercise with entry models here and in France, for example. If we want to get our hands on a Series 3 in Canada, we’ll pay $ 55,121 for a 330-base rear-wheel drive. In France, the smallest 3 Series is the 318i which develops 156 horsepower. If you completely ignore the options book, it will cost you $ 40,100, or just over $ 55,400 in Canadian funds.

BMW 330e 2022, rear

During our family vacation, we traveled more than 3,000 km between Alsace and Brittany. The road behind the wheel of this 330e Touring went smoothly. Even the long road that separated us from Saint-Malo (900 km swallowed in almost 10 hours) was not enough to exhaust the occupants. The car, aided by its Continental Wintercontact tires, was extremely stable on wet, damp, and even wet dirt roads.

The slightly stiff suspension on rough roads was, on the other hand, more comfortable when the road was perfectly smooth; or most of the time. A real pleasure to drive with a German car on highways, national roads, secondary roads that are in perfect condition.

The car is one with asphalt and if for some reason an emergency brake has to be applied, the car, even if you drive at 130 km / h, stops in a straight line as if you were driving at 70 km / h. In short, we really liked this little 3 Series. Although at the beginning of our trip we thought that four of us would suffer in this little Béhème on long journeys, we quickly realized that the two teenagers, one 6 ‘and the second 5’10, did not suffer from lack of space. . Admittedly, access is difficult because the car is low, but once installed, both the front and rear, the bodies quickly find their place.

Pictures of the BMW 330e Touring 2022

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