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Since the Mission E concept unveiled in 2015, the Porsche Taycan has been on the market since the end of 2019 from 108,632 euros. Available in four versions 2S, 4S, Turbo and Turbo S, combines up to 761 hp and 463 km range.

Exterior design of the Porsche Taycan

The design of the Porsche Taycan is inspired by the Mission E concept offering similarities to the 918 Spyder, the rear evokes the 911. Wearing a body composed of a mixture of aluminum, steel and plastic reinforced with carbon fiber (CFRP ), the Taycan is mounted on carbon rims: 21 ″ at the front and 22 ″ at the rear. The aluminum brakes housed on these wheels are impressive, up to 420 mm in diameter on the Turbo S, combined with 10-piston calipers.

If the Mission E concept used doors with antagonistic opening to facilitate access on board, this configuration was not maintained in the final model. The body is a 4-door classic.


Once again, the Taycan is inspired by Mission E. Capable of accommodating up to four passengers, the cabin is notable for the numerous screens, five exactly:

  • 16-inch non-touch digital speedometers for essential data (speed, range, etc.)
  • The 10.9-inch top center screen, touch screen, for multimedia or car information
  • The 8.4-inch lower center screen, touch screen, manages 4-zone air conditioning
  • 10.9-inch non-touch passenger screen (optional)
  • Rear center screen, touch screen, air conditioning management

With touch controls, voice control is of course possible, which can be activated using “Hey Porsche”. At the request of the Zuffenhausen brand, the upholstery is not exclusively made of leather (6 can be made), as the catalog includes fabrics made from recycled materials, at no additional cost.

Taycan control panel

Engine and performance

Similar to those used in the 919 hybrid, two electric motors drive the electric sedan. Particularity, the rear unit has a 2-speed transmission, compared to one at the front. The base system develops 625 horsepower (460 kW). An Overboost function, however, distinguishes the Turbo and Turbo S models. The first reaches 500 kW (680 hp), the second 560 kW (761 hp), being the torque of 850 and 1,050 Nm respectively.

These features allow you to reach from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.8 seconds in the Taycan Turbo S, and exceed the bar of 200 km / h and 9.8 seconds. The Turbo is a little more modest, with 3.2 seconds and 10.6 seconds. In both versions of the German, the speed is limited to 260 km / h.

A few weeks later, the Taycan 4S is announced, less powerful but more accessible. Always with four-wheel drive, the sedan drops to 530 hp / 390 kW in the 79.2 kWh battery model, and 571 hp / 420 kW in the 93.4 kWh. The 0-100 km / h is still very respectable, about 4 seconds.

The cheapest Porsche Taycan arrives in early 2021. Named 2S, it logically shows lower performance, with 326 to 380 horsepower. The batteries are the same as for the 4S, while the 0 to 100 km / h is done in 5.4 seconds.

Battery and autonomy of the Porsche Taycan

The lithium-ion battery is located on the ground of the vehicle and travels the entire length between the front and rear axles to ensure even weight distribution.

Announced at 93.4 kWh (408 LG cells), the capacity of the pack allows the Taycan to have between 381 and 463 kilometers of autonomy in the WLTP cycle. The smallest 79.2 kWh package allows up to 407 km for the Taycan 2S and 4S. To better regulate the range, Porsche offers an optional heat pump.

A particularly efficient thermal management system is responsible for maintaining the correct temperature (heating or cooling) of the battery (gross energy capacity) and other high voltage components, as well as the passenger compartment. It eliminates possible power losses caused by various factors that can normally cause the cells to overheat. These factors are the external ambient temperature, repeated powerful accelerations, a sustained pace, or rapid recharging.

Loading the Porsche Taycan

The Combo jack up to 270 kW

Beyond its 22 kW onboard charger, the Taycan uses new technology for fast charging by increasing the voltage of the standard Combo CCS to 800 volts. The manufacturer aims for an 80% charge in just 22 minutes and is working with Audi to develop future Combo standards for ultrafast charging.

Price and marketing of the Porsche Taycan

The Taycan 2S access model is available from 86,254 euros in France, or 20,000 euros less than the old entry level, the Taycan 4S, shown at 108,632 euros, not including options. The Turbo is more expensive, from € 155,552, with the Turbo S being the top of the range with € 189,152. Orders opened on September 4, 2019 and deliveries began in 2020, except for 2S, which was later added to the range.

Profile of the Porsche Taycan Turbo

Porsche Taycan: data sheet

Therefore, the technical data sheet of the Porsche Taycan is broken down into the four available models, the 2S, 4S, Turbo and Turbo S. The following are the main official features. For more information on the range and options, visit the official website.

Model Taycan GTS Taycan 2S Taycan 4S Taycan Turbo Taycan Turbo S
Power 517 hp / 380 kW 326-380 hp / 240-280 kW 435-490 CV / 320-360 kW 625 hp / 450 kW 625 hp / 450 kW
Power with Overboost 598 hp / 440 kW 408-476 CV / 300-350 kW 530-571 CV / 390-420 kW 680 hp / 500 kW 761 hp / 560 kW
Maximum engine torque 850 Nm CN 640-650 Nm 850 Nm 1,050 Nm
Acceleration (from 0 to 100 km / h) 3.7 s 5.4 s 4.0 s 3.2 s 2.8 s
Maximum speed 250 km / h 230 km / h 250 km / h 260 km / h 260 km / h
Battery type lithium ion lithium ion lithium ion lithium ion lithium ion
Battery capacity 93.4 kWh 79.2-93.4 kWh 79.2-93.4 kWh 93.4 kWh 93.4 kWh
WLTP consumption From 24.6 to 25.6 kWh / 100 km From 24.6 to 25.6 kWh / 100 km From 23 to 26.7 kWh / 100 km From 24.5 to 25.7 kWh / 100 km
WLTP power range 504 km 431 to 484 km 333 to 407-386 to 463km From 381 to 450 km From 388 to 412 km
Maximum load power 270 kW 225-270 kW 225-270 kW 270 kW 270 kW
100% AC load (11 kW) 8 am-9pm 8 am-9pm 8 am-9pm 9 h 9 h
80% DC load (50-270 kW) 1h33 – 22 min 30 1h33 – 22 min 30 1h33 – 22 min 30 1h33 – 22 min 30 1h33 – 22 min 30
Length 4.96 m 4.96 m 4.96 m 4.96 m 4.96 m
Width 1.97 m 1.97 m 1.97 m 1.97 m 1.97 m
Height 1.38 m 1.38 m 1.38 m 1.38 m 1.38 m
Unloaded weight 2,140-2,220 kg 2,140-2,220 kg 2,140-2,220 kg 2,305 kg 2,295 kg
Towing capacity
Number of seats 4 4 4 4 4
Trunk capacity (rear – front) 407 – 81 liters 407 – 81 liters 407 – 81 liters 366 – 81 liters 366 – 81 liters
Marketing date November 2021 February 2021 end of 2019 end of 2019 end of 2019
Price from € 135,659 € 86,254 108,632-115 € 208 € 155,552 € 181,152

Images of the Porsche Taycan

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