a hybrid model between tram, bus and metro

Lyon’s new tram project will link the center of Lyon with the west of Lyon. A new type of tram as it will be mostly underground, like a subway!

The announcement was made official this Monday, May 16, in the early afternoon in Lyon.

The hybrid tram project is launched. A project of about 7 km, half of which is underground. It all looks like a subway, but it’s definitely a tram.

A first in France, apart from the funiculars.

The route of this “new type” tram would go from Jean Macé station (in the center of Lyon and connected to the metro network) and reach the west of Lyon (probably the Alai station) , in less than 20 minutes. A € 750 million project, which is half the cost of metro E, says Fabien Bagnon, vice chair Roads and active mobility in the metropolis of Lyon.

Most environmentalists seem to be hesitant. Following the abandonment of his cable car project in the heart of the city, a new file is now coming out of the drawers: that of a tram called “Desire”.

For years, the population of west Lyon has been content with a number of dedicated bus lanes, access to Gorge de Loup station in degraded mode and random connections to Lyon’s public transport network.

At the suggestion of the old majority, the idea of ​​a new subway line arose! Line E: would have connected the same center of Lyon (Place Bellecour) to the west of Lyon, which is very residential and where active mobility is mainly done by car. A pharaonic project, more than a billion euros! 6 km route, metro stations more than 50 meters. An alternative to all cars and especially attractive: outskirts of the city center: 15 minutes!

Environmentalists found the file they said buried, “at that time we could see nothing but the subway” according to Jean-Charles Kholass (EELV), vice president of SYTRAL Mobilités.

it wasn’t credible, because it wasn’t realistic … But we will!

Jean-Charles Kohlhaas, EELV majority

This “new” project called Tramway Express de l’Ouest Lyonnais broadly follows the route of the metro with a few exceptions: exit from the Alai sector, to the west. Or exactly? Mysteries for now. Arrival in the city center: Jean Macé station. Or exactly? Mysteries for now. Probably with the B subway connection.

Studies carried out in 2017 revealed a number of limitations: land acquisitions, works of art, depth of stations (up to -70 meters for Ste Irénée station), pending climbing. almost 7% drop) for trams not necessarily equipped for this.

The project of this new tram line will require the construction of a viaduct over the Saona, a tunnel of almost 4 km, hoppers, clean places.

The global project will cost between 700 and 750 million euros.

I’m skeptical, it’s a bandage project. What will happen in 10 years?

Yann Cucherat, elected municipal opposition

For the opposition, the only real alternative to pollution in the city center was the construction of a strong subway line in this very residential area. “We needed a real structuring project: if we create bridges, tunnels, hoppers, then we can create a subway!” For Yann Cucherat, the only way to really alleviate congestion in the west of Lyon, “is a strong metro line, because in 10 years we will realize the needs, and there: it will be too much commercial! “

The project presented today offers a journey between Jean Macé (Lyon 7) and the Alaï sector (Tassin la demi-lune), in less than 20 minutes, without changes. The studies started in 2017 pointed out a series of difficulties: connection to the existing tram network, saturation of the Perrache station, etc. Less frequented than for the metro. A detail that could make a difference: you can’t imagine yourself on a tram in the basement, in a tunnel … This was one of the points raised by different studies!

The consultation will start at the end of 2023, the duration of the works is expected to be 5 years.

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