Tennis: In Boulogne, Terence Atmane, 530th in the world, learns to tame his demons to go higher and higher.

TC Boulogne player since the age of 6, Terence Atmane signed a great performance last Sunday when he defeated Marc Gicquel from Paris, former 35th in the world in the victory against TC Paris II (5-1). The bowels continue to boil but Terence learns a lot from Robin Boulé, his new coach, in the art of channeling.

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700 places earned in the ATP rankings

Terence Atmane, a pure product of the TCB school run by Jérôme Vlamynck, is a special case in the world of young French tennis aspirants. For many years, much like Jimmy Gressier, he has a personal trainer and is not a resident of the National Tennis Center (CNE). The last change seems to have done him good. Terence confirms: I won’t lie to myself, I’m still an optimistic player when things don’t go my way, but I’ve been making a lot of progress a few months ago. With Robin, my new coach, we work hard on this. It’s not perfect yet, but frankly, it’s so much better. So the rackets and the balls fly less and Terence sails from one place to another in the ATP rankings: in just a few months, he has gained about 700 seats. Last Sunday, two Parisian rivals confided in him ” which had the potential for a world 200. Therefore, we will follow the progress with interest.

Monastery, the ideal base camp

Robin Boulé and Terence decided to settle in Monastir to progress in the world tennis hierarchy doing many under-15 professional secondary circuit tournaments. The Boulonnais welcomes this: We chose Tunisia because there are all the conditions for it to work well: the terrain, the hotel, the temperature. I prefer this to increasing the number of trips, managing jet lag, fatigue. This is, in my opinion, the best place to quickly gain places in the world rankings. There are 15 MIL every week. It is, in this sense, an exclusive place. »

Not Roland-Garros, but not blues …

The goal of any ambitious tennis player is to step on the red ground of Roland-Garros as a senior. It will not be for this year: I don’t think I have the invitation because my rating doesn’t allow me to have it. My only goal is to be better every day than the day before. It is with this philosophy that I will progress best. »

The TCB is still in the race for access to the first division

On the tracks of the boulevard Eurvin, the Boulonnais took another step towards the dominant elite with ease, last weekend, the TC Paris II: 5-1. Aziz Gougaz, Alexis Musialek, Andres Fernandez-Canovas and Terence won their singles. Boulogne’s No. 1 Aziz Gougaz made no fuss: 6/0, 6/1 against Villoslada, and Terence did not tremble in front of Marc Gicquel, who still retains famous remains (ex-35 world) but found in the his expense which the Boulonnais had really borne for a few months. Upcoming matches: Caen, this Sunday, and especially Montrouge the following weekend, which will have to win 6-0 to get ahead of the game average.

After two days of N2 interclubs, TC Boulogne is in 2nd place, tied with Montrouge, 2 wins each.

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