Do you pay for your used car in bitcoin or XRP? The Japanese did

Pampered second hand enthusiasts – The adoption of cryptocurrencies in some parts of the world is beginning to have a real impact on the economy. The extensive Japanese holding company, SBI (Strategic Business Innovator), has decided, through one of its subsidiaries, to accept certain crypts for some cross-border payments. As a reminder, this company had already demonstrated this your interest in bitcoin (BTC) through a loan system. Tokyo direction to analyze this decision!

A versatile financial holding company that loves Bitcoin

The group SBI is one of those giants of international finance. Bringing together no less than 80 companies from around the world, it is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The company therefore has a variety of activities: financial services, asset management, biotechnology research and also a wide range of activities. ” Research & Development ” about new technologies. Among these works, the blockchain and the cryptocurrencies they are mainly concerned.

We will now see what is happening with its subsidiary SBI Africa Co., more specifically with the company SBI Motor Japan (a subsidiary of the subsidiary). This entity specializes in the sale of used cars and in its shipment worldwide. This includes many African countries, such as Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia.

Users can choose their vehicle on their website and then select a port for reception. This thriving business perfectly meets the expectations of the African market, a large second-hand consumer. To facilitate the international payments, SBI Motor Japan can be trusted SBI VC Trade Co. There are many subsidiaries, but it is a bit like the beginning of big international finance.

It is now possible to pay for your used car in BTC or XRP at SBI

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Cryptocurrency as a link between Asia and Africa

SBI VC Trade Co. is a platform that offers many services related to cryptocurrency. Therefore, payments will be taken care of. Following this collaboration between these subsidiaries, the SBI group has announced this I would accept soon payments in BTC yen XRP for used cars. We will not go back here to the history or interest of XRP compared to other cryptocurrencies. If you want to go deeper, do yourself a favor. to our dedicated files !

So the prospects for this partnership are huge. To justify his choice, SBI cites a report from the World Bank of 2017 making the following observation: 1.7 billion adults in the world do not have a bank account. Emerging countries concentrate most of it.

In a statement to the press, the Japanese group also includes the conclusion of a study by Kucoin Singapore. This study takes stock of the use of cryptocurrencies in Africa. The conclusion is clear: the number of transactions multiplied by 15 while the number ofusers has multiplied by 25. It is to capture this emerging market and this new category of users that SBI has decided to accept Bitcoin and XRP.

However the unfavorable economic conditions, companies are building the world of tomorrow in a pragmatic way. There is a group of potential consumers who have been left out of the traditional financial system and companies are trying to get there. He cryptocurrencies i Bitcoin turn out to be a perfect link between the forgotten by globalization in Africa and economic pioneers in the rest of the world.

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