Which ISP to choose, Free, Bouygues Telecom, SFR or Orange?

With all the great deals on the market, it’s hard to find your way when looking for a fiber internet box. To help you out, we’ve reviewed four of the best deals right now. Whether in terms of price, download speed or upload speed, discover the best subscription. Get ready to know the Internet offer that will best satisfy you.

The BOX SFR Limited Series at € 20: price guaranteed for 2 years!

Until May 25, SFR allows you to get a cheap Internet subscription via Fiber at a minimum price of € 20 / month for 24 months, then at € 38 / month. This BOX is subject to a 12-month commitment, cash rental included, and is valid as part of a new subscription. This tripleplay internet package includes:

  • An Internet connection of up to 500 Mb / s upload and download speeds
  • Unlimited landline calls in France
  • 160 channels and TV service
  • up to 10 GB of cloud storage

Good to know, SFR is committed to an activation period of 2 to 4 weeks. Start-up and cancellation fees are € 49. SFR will reimburse up to € 100 for the costs of breaching your previous internet offer!

Until May 29, the The BBOX Must internet box from Bouygues Telecom is on sale at a very good price of € 22.99 / month, after € 40.99 / month after 12 months. This fiber internet subscription is subject to a 12 month commitment, cash rental included.

When you fall into the BBOX Must, you’ll have:

  • Internet access up to 1 Gbit / s download and up to 700 Mbit / s upload
  • Unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France and landlines in over 110 countries
  • More than 180 channels
  • Wi-Fi diagnosis

. Your new line will be activated within 30 days of receiving your subscription confirmation letter. A € 48 start-up fee and a € 59 cancellation fee will be charged if you are not completely satisfied.

Essential BBOX promotion

The Freebox Revolution on sale at € 19.99 / month

The Freebox Revolution with Canal TV is on sale at an unbeatable price of € 19.99 / month for 12 months, after which it will return to the usual price of € 44.99 / month. By opting for this free internet package, you commit to a 12-month period.

This free provider’s tripleplay offer includes:

  • An Internet connection of up to 1 Gbit / s in download speed and up to 600 Mbit / s in upload speed
  • Unlimited calls to landlines in more than 110 destinations and mobiles in mainland France and overseas departments.
  • 220 channels, including 100 in HD + 60 TV channels from Canal + Freebox Replay.
  • Free Prime Video for 6 months + Canal Series + included for 12 months
  • A Blu-RayTM player and a 250 GB hard drive
  • Free Uber Eats from Ligue 1 included

If you subscribe to this online offer, the start-up time will be 3 days to 4 weeks. The activation and cancellation costs are the same amount and amount to € 49.

image CTA-internet-freebox-revolution-01-07-21.jpg

Exclusive Web Price: Orange Fiber at € 22.99 / month

In Orange, the Livebox Fiber is in good condition on the web. The offer is offered at the super price of € 22.99 / month for 12 months, then at € 41.99 / month. Conditioned with a 12-month commitment, this Internet promotional package reserved for new customers is on sale until June 1 inclusive.

This orange package includes:

  • an Internet connection of up to 500 Mbit / s (download and upload speeds)
  • Unlimited calls to landlines in mainland France and overseas departments and to 110 international destinations
  • Up to 140 channels, including 70 in HD

After you have subscribed to your new internet offer, you will have to wait up to 10 weeks from the date of subscription for the launch of your new line. The cancellation fee is € 50.

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