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MAN Truck & Bus also owns the Neoplan brand, now dedicated to passenger coaches. MAN and Scania belong to the Traton group (Volkswagen Truck & Bus).


MAN is also an engine manufacturer. The energies used are diesel (including B100 biofuel) and natural gas. An electric bus has been on sale since 2019.

The urban range on offer ranges from the standard bus to the articulated bus. For long distance and tourism, vehicles range from the school bus (Lion’s Intercity) to the high-speed coach (Lion’s Coach). Since 2018, the manufacturer has been offering minibuses and minicars (TGE range), but these vehicles are not marketed in France.

MAN Lion's Coach on a Flixbus line
MAN Lion’s Coach R10 on a Flixbus line.

MAN also sells car chassis. In France, Fast Concept Car has assembled the Scoler 3 and Syter coaches on MAN chassis. Since then, for the French market, only a few Spanish manufacturers produce coaches with MAN chassis.

The vehicles are developed in Germany. Buses run in factories in Poland and Turkey. For coaches, the production site is in Turkey.

History of MAN development in France

MAN buses and coaches have been present in France for a long time. Saviem marketed a MAN articulated bus (SG 220) in the late 1970s. In the 1990s, many second-hand MAN SÜ 240 coaches were imported from Germany for use in school transportation.

In 1994, the Bordeaux network received MAN NG272 ground floor articulated buses, then 12-meter buses in 1995 (MAN NL222).

Neoplan will use a MAN chassis to produce the Neobody coach. The LOHR coach will deliver MAN chassis coaches to the gendarmerie in 1997 and 1998.

In the early 2000s, MAN buses delivered to France were coached by Marcopolo, ACEV and Noge. In 2002, Fast Concept Car launched the Syter, a bus that was to be a huge success. Carriers who want a coach with a MAN body will order MAN SÜ263, MAN SÜ283 and MAN SÜ313. This model will be renamed MAN Lion’s Classic.

MAN’s return to the bus industry came in 2003 with the delivery of the MAN NL223 to the RATP.

Lion's City busIn 2005, MAN positioned itself in France in the tourist market with the MAN Lion’s Coach coach and introduced its new MAN Lion’s City bus. At the same time, Fast Concept Car launched Scoler 3.

In 2007, the range was completed with an intercity coach: MAN Lion’s Regio.

In 2012, Fast Concept Car launched the low-end Starter LE coach with a MAN chassis.

MAN engines do not require the use of AdBlue up to Euro 4, 5 and EEV standards.

In 2015, the Bordeaux network turned to MAN again and received the delivery of the MAN Lion’s City G CNGs. In Paris, the RATP commissioned MAN Lion’s City A37 hybrid buses. At the same time, a number of tourist buses in Ayats and UNVI were put into service in Paris. The MAN range is expanded again with a school bus: MAN Lion’s Intercity.

In 2017, the MAN Lion’s Coach is completely modernized. The following year, it was the turn of the MAN Lion’s City bus renovation.

In 2022, the manufacturer offers the MAN OptiView mirror replacement system for its entire range of buses.


For after-sales service, the manufacturer relies on its network with locations across the country. Workshop vehicles make repairs.

MAN / MAN TGE 3.180 service
The MAN network is present throughout France.

New license plates for MAN buses and coaches

Inscriptions MAN
Years 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Inscriptions in France 188 365 292 351 427 748 512 857

In France, RATP is the largest customer of this manufacturer with about 800 buses in circulation in 2021.


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Technical information

Builder code is WMA. This code is located at the beginning of the chassis numbers (VIN) of vehicles produced by MAN.


[photo du mois]
MAN Lion’s City – White
[photo du mois]
MAN Lion’s City 12 E

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