The new Range Rover Sport promises an electric range of

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(Pocket-lint) – Land Rover has unveiled the latest Range Rover Sport in the family. Completely redesigned, it is based on a new platform – MLA-Flex – and promises to be more efficient, more dynamic and more modern.

The Range Rover Sport has always been popular, seen as a more affordable model than the Range Rover, which is often seen as a reserve for members of the royal and VIP family. The Range Rover Sport, once seen as a footballer’s car, is a bit more practical thanks to its more compact construction.

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However, there is an extra 20mm of legroom at the back of this new model and an extra 15mm of legroom, making the interior feel more spacious.

It’s a more driver-focused car than the larger Range Rover, though it offers the same refinement – you can recline the rear seats, there are premium finishes, including the use of a lot of recycled materials.

You can opt for skinless seats, such as the “ultra fabric” which is really sumptuous, as well as the textile upholstery inside, which gives a finish a bit similar to that of high-end audio products.

From the outside, the design is instantly recognizable with this separation between the ceiling and the shoulder line, with flush window finishes that give the sides a cleaner look. The back has also been cleaned, in terms of design, so it is a more modern and beautiful Sport that you will see rolling in front of you.

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There’s no battery-powered version of the Range Rover Sport at launch, which will arrive in 2024, but there are a couple of decent plug-in hybrids to the top of the range. The P530 V8 petrol model is the only one that can compete with the P440e and P510e models, with the numbers referring to the combined power.

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The plug-in hybrid setup will allow 70 miles in pure electric mode, which is twice the typical range of a PHEV. This means that it will be very practical for daily use, allowing emission-free driving, while having sufficient autonomy and power for long journeys.

Unique fact, it will be compatible with fast DC charging, while most PHEVs only support slower AC speeds, so you can recharge your battery with a fast charger when you stop for coffee.

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Of course, the Range Rover Sport retains its all-terrain capabilities, now improved by four-wheel steering, while the new platform is 35% stiffer than the one it replaces. The dynamic air suspension keeps the driving smooth and the tires in contact with the ground, while the Range Rover Sport can wade up to 900 mm deep in the water.

The cabin is full of technology, not only to keep you safe on the road, but also to add refinement to it. Thanks to the microphones placed on the wheel arches, a noise cancellation system helps to preserve a sense of serenity in the passenger compartment, but you will still hear the engine when you lower your foot.

The air filtering system helps keep cabin air clean and fresh, while built-in connectivity and Alexa, as well as Android Auto or Apple CarPlay on the Pivi Pro system, are available on the 13.1 center screen. inches.

Land RoverImage 10 of the Range Rover Sport

Meridian has supplied a 29-speaker system for the Range Rover Sport, which includes speakers in the headrests, to deliver fully immersive, high-quality performance no matter what you hear.

For those who want to get out of the car, you can also control the automatic parking function from the outside of the vehicle, which will allow you to enter small spaces.

The new Range Rover Sport will be available in a range of engines and trim levels, with plenty of options, from £ 79,125 for the SE diesel and up to £ 83,330 for the PHEV SE.

It is now available to order.

Written by Chris Hall.

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