Tennis – Carlos Alcaraz: “Every time I listened to ‘Viva Murcia’, I felt goosebumps.”

The tennis player, who will receive the gold medal of the Region on June 9, aspires to be number 1 in the ATP.

MURCIA, May 10 (Benin News) –

Tennis player Carlos Alcaraz, winner of the Mutua Madrid Open 2022 tournament, held this weekend in the capital, was “very happy” on Tuesday with the support shown by the citizens of the region of Murcia and that “it has never been forgotten, “wherever he goes. he went, “the place where everything was born”, to the hamlet of Palmar.

“I’m proud to be Spanish, but above all to be from Murcia,” said Alcaraz, who confessed that every time he heard a shout of “long live Murcia” at the Caixa Màgica while fighting the best tennis players in the world, “I he put on goosebumps. “

Alcaraz made these statements at the Palacio de San Esteban, the seat of the regional government, where he was received by the President of the Community, Fernando López Miras, before participating in a meeting with young tennis players from the Region of Murcia.

The athlete has stressed the support of his family and his team because thanks to them “I am the person I am”, a young “simple” 19-year-old who does not want to set limits and hopes to be number 1 at some point . point based on “sacrifice and work”, although it is something “complicated”.

Just 48 hours after winning the Madrid tournament, Alcaraz reiterated his love for tennis, a maxim he likes to convey to those who dream of reaching the top in this sport. “The most important thing,” he said, would be to win the Davis Cup.

Asked what he was missing at his age, he replied that “normalcy” in someone young. “Going out with party friends, being an ordinary person,” he said after assuring that he sometimes feels “a little watched” in public space, despite having a stick down, his family, who is who “guide me in the right direction”.

Regarding his ankle injury, the young athlete explained that his team decided not to go to Rome to recover well from the sprain he suffered in the last match against Rafael Nadal and thus “be in Paris at Roland Garros, which takes place from May 16. to June 5, the best possible.


On the Paris tournament, Alcaraz said he would like to compete against all the participants and was grateful to have faced the best so far.

As for Rafael Nadal, he reacted with a smile when asked about his similarities as athletes. “I don’t feel like the new Christmas, I feel like the new Carlitos,” he said, before assuring that “maybe” one player he couldn’t play with, well he would like to do, is Roger Federer.

His formula for success, he says, is the physical preparation he has undergone in recent months and mental preparation. “The key to my current situation,” he added.

The President of the Autonomous Government, Fernando López Miras, has announced that Carlos Alcaraz will become the youngest person to receive the Gold Medal of the Region of Murcia this year. It will do so on June 9, the 40th anniversary of the creation of the autonomous status of the region.

“You deserve it,” López Miras told the tennis player, who also reminded him that “no matter what happens, no matter what you do”, the Region of Murcia “will be by your side”.

The head of the Murcian executive recalled that on December 27 the two had the opportunity to meet, before the athlete – who was ranked 32nd in the ATP – went to the Australian Open . On this occasion, Mr. López Miras asked him what his goals were: “Without blinking, you told me about the ‘Top 10’ and you got there, and how.”

Mr. López Miras has acknowledged that El Palmar is part of a select club of municipalities such as “Basel, Manacor and Belgrade”, all thanks to the “efforts and sacrifices” made. “Thank you for being generous enough to share this victory with your country,” he added.

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