At the age of 21, he makes anti-drug scrunchies and sells them online

In France, several investigations have been opened after young people claimed to have been drugged without their knowledge during the holidays. They say they were bitten or that a stranger managed to get GHB into their drink.

To protect themselves, some have come up with the idea of ​​buying scrunchies. This accessory not only allows them to tie their hair, but also prevents anyone from spilling a substance into their drink. Juliette D’Eramo, a 21-year-old from Nancy, has entered this market and created it by hand.

The self-employed person does not hide it: she is afraid when she goes out to parties, as the media coverage of the business. “I was personally moved. At a festival, a friend of mine was drugged and raped. It was a real shock and I had to do something.”she says.

Like many young people his age, therefore, he tried to buy a beloved anti-rape drug on the Internet. But the price slowed it down. “It cost € 15 and had to add shipping and customs fees”, she explains. Nor did it correspond to their ethical values.

Bar and festival orders

Juliette D’Eramo, founder of the Di San Rocco brand specializing in makeup and accessories for professionals, decided to create one, like our colleagues at The Republican East.

“At first, I wanted one for myself. Then my relatives asked for it. I gave it to them. Then the demand exploded and I started selling them. Today, that’s all I do.”he tells us.

From the fabrics they collect in Nancy and Metz, imagine customizable creations: satin, velvet, lace, blue, red, yellow … Everything is possible depending on the fabric donations.

In the scrunchie, he hides one or two glass lids that he also makes. “There are two sizes. The first for beer glasses and the second for wine glasses.” It has built-in push buttons so the user can open their pet, grab their glass cover and close their accessory.

It takes Juliette D’Eramo 10 to 15 minutes to make a copy. With the support of Nancy City Council, he sells it for € 6 on Etsy, while waiting for his own website to complete. “I have requests from all over France. Bars, festivals and student associations are also in charge of some of them.”

Soon other add-ons

But the young woman warns her clients. “Chouchou does not protect 100%, it is impossible. But I have not received any comments from people who took drugs while they had it. “she describes.

On the other hand, Juliette D’Eramo says that her creation can allow young people to be less afraid in the evening. “We feel safer with that.” A need that seems national, because like her, two inhabitants of Carcassonne sell anti-GHB affection, as explained in this article The Independent.

Juliette D’Eramo is working on other fashion accessories that would have the same utility: a pocket or a keychain. “I am working on the prototypes. »

At the age of 21, he makes anti-drug scrunchies and sells them online

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