which one to choose to protect the baby in the car?

How to choose a baby sun visor?

In summer, the temperature inside the car can rise rapidly, which can be painful for young children. For the trip to go as smoothly as possible, it is important to install them comfortably.

An umbrella is useful for your baby to escape the UVA and UVB rays while enjoying a shaded area. Attached to the rear window, this accessory protects your baby’s sensitive skin from sunburn. Given the variety of models offered by the brands, it is important to consider several criteria to find the right visor for your baby.

The parasol with suction cups is the classic model and the least expensive. Although it does not cover all glass, it does provide sufficient protection against sunburn and heat. This type of solar cover is fixed by means of 2 or 4 suction cups. There are expandable versions if you have wide windows. Opt for a sun protection network with a roll-up system so that your little one can admire the landscape from time to time. To connect the visor to suction cups, simply press on the suction cups.

The electrostatic sunshade adheres to the glass without using a hook, glue or suction cups. This eliminates the risk of scratches. Reusable as desired, this type of baby sunscreen folds and stores easily. Some brands offer models with temperature alert system. To put it in place, run your hands over the sun curtain as you lean against the glass.

Easy to put on, the stretchy parasol is tucked in like a sock. Stitched with a breathable and UV-treated fabric, it covers the entire surface of the car’s rear window. It not only blocks light, but also dust and mosquitoes.

To surprise children during the trip, some manufacturers decorate their umbrellas with playful drawings or cartoon characters. Whichever model you choose, make sure the glass is clean.

In order to effectively protect your baby from the harmful effects of the sun, it is also essential to wear sunglasses. They filter out UVA and UVB rays that are dangerous to the little one’s eyes.

Discover our selection of parasols to protect your baby from ultraviolet rays and glare.

Our choice: pair of extensible parasols with UV protection

Are you looking for a solution to protect your little one from UV rays while allowing him to enjoy the scenery? We recommend this Extendable parasol for Caramaz car. It slides like a sock, offers 100% UV protection while allowing fresh air to filter. It also blocks insects and dust.

This size M parasol is suitable for small and medium cars with a door about 95 cm long and 45 cm wide. It is possible to stretch it up to 50 cm for tall windows. This protective accessory is adorned with playful designs, enough to occupy your baby during the trip.

Black self-adhesive sunshade (set of 2)

In order to block the UV rays that can attack the baby’s sensitive skin, our team advises you to invest in this Rajvia self-adhesive parasol. The set includes two shades and a storage bag.

Without suction cups, this sunscreen leaves no marks on the windows. It attaches to the side windows to block ultraviolet rays and reduce the temperature inside the car. Its dimensions (51 × 31 cm) correspond to most windows and do not interfere with the driver’s vision.

Self-adhesive parasol for babies, 51 × 31 cm, storage bag included

If you often travel by car with your family, it is important to invest in an accessory to protect yourself from sunlight. Our team has selected it for your baby WIN.MAX self-adhesive sunshade. It is designed to block UV rays and keep the inside of the car cool. That way, your car travel will be enjoyable. You can even use it on the train.

Self-adhesive, this WIN.MAX sunshade adheres to the side window without suction cups thanks to the electrostatic charge. It does not allow light, dust or insects to pass through. Practical, this accessory comes with a bag to store it when you don’t need it.

2 pieces of umbrellas for babies and animals with prints

In the car, the rear passengers have no protection from the nuisance caused by the sun. So that your baby and pet can enjoy the trips with complete peace of mind, we offer this Rajvia parasol sock. It is made of quality nylon fabric that is both breathable and elastic. Practical, adapts to all windows of all makes of vehicles.

This sunshade covers the entire rear side window without obstructing the driver’s vision. It is possible to open the windows so that fresh air enters the passenger compartment, without removing the sunscreen. When not in use, you can store it in the bag provided.

UV-protected parasol, fun animal designs

When the baby is sitting in the back of the car, looking at the road, sunlight can disturb him. We suggest you install this parasol with UV protection from Systemoto to protect it from glare while filtering out ultraviolet rays.

Due to its dimensions (48 x 32.5 cm), this sun protection network adapts perfectly to all the windows of all vehicle models. Even when stretched to the limit, it does not lose its protective properties against UVA and UVB rays. This sun deck is adorned with animal motifs that will entertain your child. Comes with a bag to store at any time.

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