UNDERSTANDING EVERYTHING – Bac 2022: how to take the specialty tests

Starting this Wednesday, final year students will face specialty tests. These, which are especially important in the final scale, will be extended in three days.

A moment that should be expected. High school graduates will begin high school special exams this Wednesday. Following its cancellation in 2021, the schedule was again altered this year by the Covid-19.

After two weeks of successive mobilizations by teachers and parents of students, who widely criticized the management of the pandemic by the government, on January 28 the postponement of specialty tests was recorded. Initially scheduled for March 14-16, they will finally be held from Wednesday 11th to Friday 13th May.

• Who cares?

All final year students which are in a “general” way or “technologically”, pass specialty tests. They have to choose three specialties for the first time, and keep only two in the terminal, on which they are evaluated. High school students are not affected.

• What subjects are assessed for the general baccalaureate?

The first specialty tests of the last general baccalaureate course will be held this Wednesday. The different events, spread over three days, are:

  • Arts
  • Biology-ecology
  • History-geography, geopolitics and political science
  • Humanity, Literature and Philosophy
  • Foreign and regional languages, literatures and cultures
  • Literature, languages ​​and cultures of antiquity
  • Maths
  • Numerical and computer sciences
  • Chemical Physics
  • Life and earth sciences
  • Engineering Sciences
  • Economic and social sciences

As for the technological avenues, the tests really depend on the chosen course. In these specific lines, students cannot choose specialties.

He ST2S (Health and social sciences and technologies) have as evidence:

  • Human Chemistry, Biology and Pathophysiology
  • Health and social sciences and techniques

He STL (Science and Technology Laboratory) will pass:

  • Physics-chemistry and mathematics
  • Biochemistry-biology-biotechnology or Physical and chemical sciences in the laboratory.

For STD2A (Sciences and technologies of design and applied arts), the tests are:

  • Analysis and methods in design
  • Conception and creation in design and crafts

He STI2D (Science and technology of industry and sustainable development) have in turn:

  • Engineering, innovation and sustainable development
  • Physics-chemistry and mathematics

He STMG (Science and technology of management and management) will overcome:

  • Management, management and digital sciences
  • law and economics

For STHR (Science and Technology and Hospitality and Catering), the tests are:

  • Culinary sciences and technologies and services – Scientific education food environment
  • Economy – Hotel Management

And finally, the S2TMD (Science and technique of theater, music and dance) must pass:

  • Culture and science
  • Practice

• How have the tests been adapted?

To offer more flexibility to students after a new course complicated by the health crisis, specialty tests have been adjusted. The program “will be the same as the one set (initially) for the month of March,” the education ministry announced in January. “Candidates will therefore not have more topics to review, but more time to work on the initial program,” with the addition of two days devoted to revisions before the tests.

In addition, “all subjects will be arranged so that everyone, depending on their specialty, can choose between questions or exercises.” All modifications are collected, specialty by specialty in a document available here.

• What is its importance on the scale?

The “final control”, which includes specialty tests, accounts for 60% of the final grade, while continuous control – all common core disciplines, first specialty and options – weighs 40%.

Specialty tests are especially important in the final grade of this “final exam”. Indeed, the two tests chosen by a terminal student have a coefficient of 16 each, the most important of the end-of-course tests.

By way of comparison, for general high school students, the oral and written French tests are coefficient 5, philosophy coefficient 8 and oral major coefficient 10. For those in the technological line, only philosophy and oral change higher, with the corresponding coefficients. of 4 and 14.

• What is the next schedule for high school students?

Per the general baccalaureate i the technological baccalaureatethe next tests will be in philosophy on June 15, before the big oral, scheduled between June 20 and July 1.

Per the professional baccalaureatethe written and practical tests of mathematics, physics and chemistry in computer support must be done between May 23 and June 3, 2022. Then come the general written tests, common to all applicants, on Tuesday, June 14 on Friday 17 June and from Monday 20 June to Friday 24 June 2022.

The results are expected on July 5. Recovery recitals will be held July 6-8.

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