the strengths and weaknesses of the unlicensed electric car

A new recruit

Revealed in late February 2020, at the start of what was supposed to be the Covid-19 pandemic, the Citroën Ami did not choose the best time to start its career. Especially since his condition as an unlicensed electric car only puts him, in any case, in a secondary role.. However, the little Frenchman, made in Morocco, has no shortage of arguments to seduce. Here’s a rundown of the pros and cons of Chevron’s new “zero emissions”.

The benefits of the new unlicensed electric Citroën Ami

You do not need a driver’s license

This is obviously the first asset of little Ami. In a good quad bike limited to 45 km / h, is designed for both teenagers from the age of 14 and drivers who have lost their pink role – or the menu, depending on the year! – or just never got it. Due to its limited autonomy, we would tend to reserve it for urban use, but this is to forget that cars without a license are not uncommon in rural areas, where, in the case of Ami, the inhabitants often benefit from ‘an individual house. facilitate access to electricity for recharging.

Its size makes it very easy to handle

If the basics of driving in the city can be taught through the AM card (ASSR1 and ASSR2 + 7-hour training), driving a car is still a complex exercise. Being aware of the proportions and managing space occupancy behind the wheel is not innate to everyone and the niche quickly becomes a headache. As such, the Friend will be a valuable ally for those who are not yet comfortable with the idea of ​​being alone in the car.. It is 2.41 m long, 1.39 m wide and 7.20 m wide between two sidewalks. Its cubic design allows the measurement to be taken very quickly. It is clear that the body stops directly on the windows. Which doesn’t stop it from being so cozy for a car of this size. The doors open wide and the cubic shape, combined with the ubiquitous glass, offers a pleasant feeling of space.

Its price is very affordable

This is a strong argument for Citroën: to offer an electric vehicle for sale for € 6,900, which drops to € 6,000 with state aid limited to € 900 for the quadricycle. Ami’s main competitor is none other than the Renault Twizy, with 10,000 euros in Life equipment, without the bonuses. However, the real attraction of Ami is not its cash value, but its subscription price. Cleverly, the Chevrons decided to market their quadricycle as an Internet cash subscription. After an initial rent of € 2,641, you can “treat” a Friend for € 19.99 per month for 4 years for up to 10,000 km per year.. Therefore, your car costs you € 3,636 for four years, without insurance. For this price, you will be dealing with a refined Ami that goes to the essentials, that is, smartphone connectors for music and browsing, heating and places to put your personal belongings.

Its maintenance is simple and economical.

Simplified to the fullest, the Friend does not require any special attention every day. While recent urban cars play to the fullest of seduction cards with often painted bumpers and bodies vulnerable to the vagaries of urban traffic, the little Citroën isn’t too scared at the end. Especially because in the My Ami Pop version (+ € 900 cash), the French car can even be equipped with bumper reinforcements, reserving the plastic wheel arches for the My Ami Gray Pack (+360) € cash). In the worst case, the change of shield can be done yourself and the piece only costs € 50. Inside, almost nothing can be damaged. Even the seats, which tend to suffer the ravages of time in a car, will suffer little damage, as they are made of raw plastic and barely padded. You should not make white hair when washing. In terms of mechanics, the Friend promises a very advantageous cost per kilometer. The small 6 kW electric motor does not require any special maintenance. Therefore, only the wear condition of the brake pads and tires will need to be checked. But because its speed is limited to 45 km / h, its wear is only less.

No traffic problems and more parking

With the proliferation of Low Emission Zones, the issue of car traffic in urban areas will become increasingly important. Don’t worry about Ami, who, like all other electric cars, benefits from the exemptions. Therefore, alternate traffic episodes will not be part of your schedule. It should also be remembered that electric models give access to reserved seats in certain centers.

She is not alone in the city

Although his speed is limited to 45 km / h, the Friend is not legally obliged to remain in the city. Obviously, it’s not about taking a freeway or the freeway, but national roads are also part of its field of action. Technically, therefore, it is not the type of route that restricts the use of this small electric vehicle. To drive, the French car is quite fun and, unlike other “fuel oil” vehicles without a license such as Aixam or Ligier, Citroën’s 40 Nm of instant torque makes it a real toy.. Quick to start, light (471 kg claimed), it’s just fun in traffic.

Its relatively fast loading

To sell at a competitive price, the Ami does not include much technology. Can’t imagine connecting to a Tesla Supercharger, but since the Citroën’s battery is small, its recharging can’t be very long anyway. It will depend on your installation, as always, but the Chevrons announce what will happen in 3 hours to “fold”. Practical in everyday life, just like the 75 km of autonomy authorized at once, according to the manufacturer. Please note that you must bring an adapter to connect to public terminals.

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Weaknesses of the new unlicensed electric Citroën Ami

Its limited autonomy

This is obviously the weakness of small electric Chevrons. While 75km a day is enough for most motorists to go to work and shop, this distance requires careful thought and planning. Especially because in use, you will not be able to count on the “eco” management of your driving, as the low power makes it necessary to crush the accelerator often. Regenerative, light braking will not prolong the experience much, because it is still light. winter, heating can also impair this autonomy. If, therefore, it seems difficult to cover 75 km, 65 are, in any case, possible without too much trouble.

Its rudimentary comfort

At this price, you don’t have to wait for the little electric chip to offer you the road services of an “authentic” city car. He’s happy, you say! And this reminds us, in the midst of the debate over the weight penalty, that the overweight that our cars have assumed in recent years is, above all, a consequence of the improvement of safety standards. However, on the chassis side, the Friend is not necessarily a reference. We can find a fun side to driving, but comfort is not its first quality. The driving position can also be confusing, as the setting is kept to a minimum, i.e. moving the seat forward or backward. And it is not the team that will be able to catch up since then there is not even air conditioning available. Suffice it to say that with a glass roof that acts as a greenhouse and windows that can only be opened, the summer months promise to be a little warmer.

Security features are missing

As a motorized quadricycle that imposes different approval protocols on traditional cars, Ami takes the liberty of not offering the same level of safety. On board, no airbag, which in case of impact, can make a difference. Also, do not rely on ABS or ESP to restore a trajectory or prevent the wheels from locking., because these technologies are simply not available. With its limited speed, so are the consequences, but be careful with the liveliness of the electric propulsion.

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