Tennis – The Rafa Nadal Foundation opens a center in the south of Madrid to help children at risk of social exclusion

Nadal emphasizes that the goal is to “reach more children and young people every day”, creating opportunities through education and sport.

PARIS, April 28 (Benin News) –

The Rafa Nadal Foundation has inaugurated this Thursday a new center in the San Fermí district, south of Madrid, which welcomes a hundred children at risk of social exclusion and their families through sports and educational and support activities. psychosocial.

The foundation has been carrying out this project for nine years in Palma de Mallorca and for almost four years in Valencia. In both cities, the intervention is carried out in disadvantaged areas and at risk of social exclusion and helps more than 400 children a year.

The new center opened in Madrid is located in the facilities of the Biblioteca San Fermín, the nerve center of the neighborhood and very close to the facilities of Caja Mágica, where they have a space on loan where sports activities are carried out with children.


The project responds to the needs identified in response to the social crisis arising from the coronavirus pandemic and has been funded by Endesa’s public accountability plan for Covid-19. The actions of this plan, which aim to mitigate the social and economic effects of the pandemic, have already impacted more than two million people through 150 projects.

Rafa Nadal took part in the opening ceremony on Thursday, thanking Endesa for its support, and also mentioned Madrid City Council and the company Construye Capital as promoters for carrying out this new program.

The opening of this new center in Madrid “is an important step forward for us” in order to “be able to reach more children and young people every day to develop them and create opportunities through education and sport, “said the tennis player.

The director of the Rafa Nadal Foundation, María Francisca Perelló, explained that they work to “accompany and give opportunities” to children and their families through “comprehensive” care, as it “encompasses all aspects of personal and social development”.


For his part, the CEO of Endesa, José Bogas, expressed his satisfaction at being able to help children in a vulnerable situation to “overcome everyday problems, to integrate more and more and to be able to achieve their goals”. which have been marked “. themselves in life.

The event was also attended by the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida and Begoña Villacís. Almeida said San Fermin is “the right place” to open a center like the one opened, which will be “a dream factory for these children and their families” and stressed the importance of ensuring equal opportunities: ” Building a better society means we can all get where we want to be. “

For Villacís, the children who live in San Fermí are lucky to have the support of the Rafa Nadal Foundation, which strives to “welcome them as the people they are, to make them worthy, to treat them with the respect that they are. ” deserves.

“These children can reach their full potential if someone trusts and cares for them,” said the deputy mayor, who thanked Endesa for its support – “companies can have a soul” – and Rafa Nadal for his involvement. because “the best.” The way to transcend oneself is to change the lives of so many children. “

The Rafa Nadal Foundation accompanies children and young people on their path “towards a quality future” and does so through sport and education. He currently has several active projects: the centers in Palma, Valencia and Madrid and the Christmas Educational Tennis School in Anantapur (India), for the social integration of vulnerable children; Más Que Tenis (intellectual disability) and Estudi i Joc (talent promotion).

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