start of the first specialized events, after two years interrupted by Covid

Let’s go through high school 2022, with the written tests of the specialty being done for the first time this week, the Covid obliges. Postponed from March to May due to the epidemic, are not considered in Parcoursup.

By 2020, high school students had earned – or not – high school from continuous assessment grades. Due to the pandemic, the tests that often bring together hundreds of young people in high schools had been canceled by the Ministry of Education.

The sequel after the announcement

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Last year, the continuous assessment accounted for at least 82% of the final exam mark. Philosophy had been the only written test in that session (along with French for first graders).

New program

Beginning of a return to normalcy in 2022. But not entirely since the specialty tests, born of the high school reform decided by Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer and, therefore, still never organized, have been postponed two months. The schooling interrupted by the health crisis and the load of programs in these specialties – the two “big” subjects chosen by each high school student in the last year – made them fear that the students would not be prepared to take the written tests. in March.

The adopted timetable also means that the marks of the specialty tests are not taken into account in Parcoursup, the platform for access to higher education, and therefore in the files examined by the establishments to which future graduates have applied. .

But why are teachers so attached to “their” high school?

Instead, the sheets will indicate the specialty averages of the first three quarters and the first two of the terminal. For these written tests, which are done from Wednesday to Friday depending on the subjects, the subjects have also been adjusted: the candidates will have a greater selection of questions or exercises. The program remains as planned for March. Monday, May 9 and Tuesday, May 10 are devoted to the revision of the specialty program in high schools.

The sequel after the announcement

“New Trash”

“At first I was very disappointed” that these tests are not taken into account in Parcoursup, says 17-year-old Dilara, a high school student in Clermont-Ferrand who specializes in math and physics and chemistry. “We thought it was our chance to catch up and get better grades in high school. »

“But I also tell myself that maybe it will allow me to get a better grade than if I had done them in February.”, she adds. And despite a lower turnout, she admits: “We are all a little stressed, especially because the baccalaureate was done two years ago, and it is also the new baccalaureate. » Because if the grades for these written tests don’t fit into Parcoursup, it’s also simply having high school, sesame for higher education.

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However, these specialty tests have a high coefficient in the final grade of high school. Among them: arts, history-geography, geopolitics and political science, humanities, literature and philosophy, mathematics, digital and computer science, physics-chemistry or even economics and social sciences. Since the reform of the baccalaureate in 2019, the baccalaureate grade is based on 40% in continuous assessment and 60% in final tests (written and oral French, passed first, Philosophy, specialty tests and oral major, finally approved).

The first tests called at the time “E3C” (for the common tests of continuous assessment) had been made in the framework of the new baccalaureate in February 2020, just before the first confinement at the beginning of the pandemic of the Covid-19. But they had blocked dozens of establishments in France and abroad, and postponed the tests to dozens of establishments.

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