Orthodontists warn about dental appliances sold on the Internet

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    A perfect smile, white, aligned teeth … In the face of an ideal of perfection, many young people ask for questionable dental appliances online, without the slightest diagnosis or clinical examination. Dr. Olivier Migault, an orthodontist, warns us of the dangers associated with this practice.

    Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube … They are all over the internet ”.the promise of a perfect smile “. These devices are “illegal” and misleading channels, aimed primarily at young workers on tight budgets. All but benign dental aligners, according to Dr. Migault, an orthodontist.

    Correspondence protocols without expert or diagnosis

    With the development of the Internet, multiple questionable “health” products have emerged on social media. The last? The dental alignment tray with remote monitoring, without a visit to the dentist.

    Young adults – who no longer have the right to health insurance coverage – especially like it, and for good reason: the easy-to-use device is offered at an unbeatable price.

    But this low price is a reflection of a much darker reality: the device, not customized, is installed without any assistance. In fact, brands allow patients to make their own dental impression without consulting a dental surgeon.

    More rarely, an appointment is made with a health care professional to perform a CT scan of the teeth. But then there is no follow-up: the gutters are simply sent to the patient by mail.

    However, the rules are clear on this issue:

    Any act that involves a dental trip is a medical act and its exercise is reserved for qualified health professionals (dental surgeons, dentists, etc.)..

    Treatments performed without X-rays, without an accurate diagnosis and without research into the causes and origins of the pathology, can indeed be disastrous.

    Consult an online GP

    “Illegal” gutters: what are the risks to the patient?

    For Dr. Migault, “The first risk is linked to this lack of diagnosis, established in a clinical examination (photos, 3D examination, etc.). Without these building blocks, patients can see their teeth become infected or fall out. “.

    In fact, the mere photographs or even the fingerprints offered by the brands do not constitute a serious diagnosis.

    On the other hand, the multiple consequences are very real:

    • Caries (due to the use of uncontrolled trays);
    • Tooth loss due to uncontrolled movements;
    • More or less severe periodontal damage (gingivitis, periodontitis);
    • Frictional risks from poorly adapted “gutters” friction;
    • Problems with chewing, swallowing, speaking, tongue posture …
    • Maxillary necrosis (after dental procedures in patients treated with bisphosphonates or with a history of radiation therapy).

    In addition, the price of dental appliances sold on the Internet would not be as attractive as expected:

    The promise of an extremely low rate is a big lie. It takes 15 to 18 months to change a smile … not a few weeks. The price of a treatment sold online – if done for the right amount of time – would ultimately be worth the same price as a treatment with an orthodontist. “says the specialist.

    Orthodontic post-treatment is as important as the treatment itself: it aims to immobilize the result obtained using a steel wire. Only a qualified professional can install this item.

    In case of pain, infection – and even in the absence of clinical signs – any dental appliance sold online must be removed. “Only on the radio will we see the damage. “remember the expert.

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