Baccalaureate 2022. First specialty tests, after two years altered by the Covid-19

Inauguration of the Baccalaureate 2022: The written tests of the specialty are held for the first time, from Wednesday 11 May to Friday 13 May, depending on the subjects, for 523,199 high school students. Postponed from March to May due to the Covid-19 epidemic, they are not considered in Parcoursup.

Due to the health crisis (Covid-19), the previous two sessions had led us to make very substantial adjustments. Finally, this is the first time that the final specialty tests can be taken in the planned format.recalled on Monday, May 9, during a press conference the Director General of School Education (Dgesco) Edouard Geffray.

Beginning of the return to normalcy

Two years ago, the final year students had obtained – or not – the baccalaureate from the marks of continuous assessment. Due to the pandemic, the tests that often bring together hundreds of young people in high schools had been canceled by the Ministry of Education.

And last year, the continuous assessment accounted for at least 82% of the final exam mark. Philosophy had been the only written test in that session (along with French for first graders).

The year 2022 marks, therefore, the beginning of a return to normality as the specialty tests, born of the reform of the baccalaureate decided by the Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer and, therefore, never organized , have been postponed for two months.

“An impact on the motivation of many”

The schooling interrupted by the health crisis and the load of programs in these specialties – the two “big” subjects chosen by each high school student in the last year – made them fear that the students would not be prepared to take the written tests. in March.

The adopted timetable also means that the marks of the specialty tests are not taken into account in Parcoursup, the platform for access to higher education, and therefore in the files examined by the establishments to which future graduates have applied. .

Instead, the sheets will indicate the averages of specialties during the first three semesters and the first two semesters.

A student at the Racine Institute in Paris, thinks 18-year-old Clarisse “a little annoying” of this report. I “Not counting on Parcoursup has an impact on the motivation of many”points out.

More than 45,000 brokers mobilized

This year, 523,199 candidates are in high school, of which 381,221 are in the general field and 141,978 in the technological field. This week, they will be working on these specialized events. Just over 45,000 proofreaders will be mobilized.

In addition to the postponement of the tests, the subjects have also been adjusted: the candidates will have a greater selection of questions or exercises. The program remains as planned for March. These Mondays and Tuesdays are dedicated to the revision of the specialty program in high schools.

Results in early July

Contrary to what was initially expected, students will know their grades in these specialty tests with a high coefficient in the final grade of high school at the same time as the rest of the high school results, in early July.

Since the reform of the baccalaureate in 2019, the results are based 40% on continuous assessment and 60% on final tests: written and oral French at Première, and philosophy, specialties and oral major at Terminale.

Mathematics at the top of the chosen specialties

Among the most chosen specialties, mathematics, at the top, will bring together 142,730 candidates, compared to 136,466 in Economics and Social Sciences (SES) or 106,994 in History-Geography, Geopolitics and Political Science (HGGSP).

Since the reform of the baccalaureate in 2019, the baccalaureate grade is based on 40% in continuous assessment and 60% in final tests (written and oral French, passed first, Philosophy, specialty tests and oral major, finally approved).

Baccalaureate 2022. First specialty tests, after two years altered by the Covid-19

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