92% of French people say they want to be connected to the Internet by 2022 – Image

Iligo has published the thirteenth edition of its Barometer of multi-screen uses, which especially analyzes the perception of the French in terms of technological equipment. Since 2015, the relationship between the French and technology has evolved a lot, and this in a very positive direction for this economic sector. Even more so with the year 2020, marked by the confinements linked to the Covid-19, during which the French seem to have come even closer to the screens. From video snacks to telecommuting to the rise of online shopping, technology is becoming essential in our lifestyles. The use of multimedia and the Internet is booming, and this is an understatement: 92% of French people say they want to always be connected to the Internet in 2022 (compared to 56% in 2015), they are also more likely that is, like advanced technologies (86% in 2022 compared to 52% in 2015).

As a result of this enthusiasm, it is increasingly important for the French to stay informed about the world of high technology (77% in 2022 against 61% in 2019 and only 48% in 2015). In addition, 82% of them say they like to be multi-equipped, an increase of 21 points compared to 2019 and 43 points since 2015! Faced with this interest and the growing need for the Internet and technology, about 2 out of 3 French people spend a significant part of their budget on the world of technology and high technology in 2022, when no ‘there was barely one in three. people in 2015. In detail, there are differences between the French in their relationship with technology; although they tend to fade over time.

From the first measures, the relationship of the French with technology has varied according to gender. However, these differences tend to dissipate. Today, both women and men want to stay connected to the Internet (90% and 94% respectively). Then we see some small differences, as 76% of them like to be multi-team while 88% of men like to be. In addition, 70% of French women stay informed about this universe while 85% of men do. Finally, although the observation tends to decrease, men retain a greater affinity for technology and high technology: 56% of women spend a significant part of their budget compared to 73% of men. Lower figures, for French women, than for men, but which remain high in 2022 and in perpetual growth from one year to the next.

The relationship of the French with technology also varies with age. However, the population is similar to the behavior of young people in terms of technology, especially among the oldest in the sample (50-64 years). What until now was a phenomenon of young people is becoming a real mass phenomenon. In fact, every year, older people are increasingly interested in technology because, in general, all age groups want to be permanently connected to the Internet (between 89% of older and 94% of older younger) and as advanced technologies (respectively between the ages of 82). % and 90%).

It is always the younger ones who like to be more equipped, the ones who stay better informed about the world of technology and high technology and who dedicate a large part of their budget to it. However, the 35-49 year olds are never left behind with a difference of 1 to 6 points according to the statements. The 50-64 year olds stand out above all for a smaller budget dedicated to high technology and technology. 53% say they spend a large part, compared to 72% of 18-34 year olds. Nevertheless, this budget continues to increase among younger populations. Thus, Iligo observes about the waves that young people are ahead of in terms of technological equipment and predict trends that then become widespread throughout the population.

Barometer methodology: Interviews conducted in CAWI (Computer-Assisted Web Interviewing). A history of 13,255 responses divided into 13 waves. Wave 13: Fieldwork carried out from 28 February 2022 to 13 March 2022. 1,000 respondents aged 18 to 64 representing the French population in terms of sex, age, CSP and UDA5.

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