this orange flash sale is wreaking havoc (-50%)

Orange is giving away this weekend with a special offer on its Livebox, available exclusively on the Internet. The SFR internet box is also an alternative with an (even) lower price and quality service.

If the French Days are up and running with all the general e-commerce, ISPs and Internet ATMs are not left out. In fact, these suppliers take advantage of the enthusiasm surrounding the “Made in France” operation to show discounts on their own references. Whether in Orange or SFR, there are many chances that current offers will save you 50% on your internet connection.

Check out the Orange offer

Before you can exchange your internet box for a fiber offer, you must verify that you are eligible for fiber with the carrier of your choice. All you have to do is go to the official Orange or SFR website and enter the postal address of the home affected by the installation. In a few seconds you will know if you can opt for the fiber version of the ISP.

In addition, the procedure for choosing a new box is done online, from start to finish with these two operators. Whether with Orange or SFR, you don’t need more than 10 minutes to confirm your new offer order. And let’s just say that this can allow you to make big savings on this spending item. Please note that they accept up to 100 euros in termination fees.

Orange, an accessible and reliable internet box

With its Liveboxes, Orange is the premium reference in the Internet box market. For years, this provider has been recognized for the quality of its offerings and service. This weekend, lower the price of your entire range of deals to the point that each package comes with a really great price. The most relevant formula is Livebox Fiber, benefits from an exclusive price on the web. It will meet the needs of 99% of French people.

In detail, the Orange Internet box costs 22.99 euros per month for fiber with very high speed (up to 500 Mb / s upload and download), unlimited calls to landlines and the TV option with 140 TV channels and 4K decoder. The Livebox Fiber is positioned as a triple play offer with connection, telephony and TV … for less than 23 euros a month. It is clearly one of the best deals of the moment, especially if you are looking for the convenience and reliability of this service.

To discover this internet box in Orange, here it is:

Check out the Orange offer

Livebox Fiber is currently Orange’s best internet box; we appreciate your excellent value for money. You will be entitled to a stable connection regardless of your location. If necessary, an installer will come to your home to help you activate the service. That’s not all, because the provider also has the merit of presenting itself as one of the most reliable players in the market in terms of infrastructure.

The price of the Livebox Fiber Internet box is guaranteed by Orange for one year, after which the formula returns to the price of 41.99 euros. The commitment period is also one year, which means that you can leave the provider completely for another formula when you return to the initial rate. After this period, you can terminate without any proof.

Finally, this internet box is accompanied by excellent customer service. You can ask questions online, but also directly at physical stores. This is an advantage for anyone who prefers to get answers directly face to face. We remind you that the current offer is not intended to last, it will end in a few days.

SFR, two competition Internet boxes

SFR is also positioned as one of the key players in the cash market. Active for years, it is known for its offer of offers accompanied by good value for money. Like Orange, this weekend is showing high-flying discounts on its formulas. Please note that current offers also end soon at the vendor.

To make its offer clear, SFR has divided its Internet boxes into two different ranges: SFR Fiber and SFR Power. This weekend, innovate with the arrival of the SFR Fiber Limited Series offer that stands out with an extra price.

First of all, the SFR Fiber Limited Series internet box is shown at 20 euros per month for very high speed fiber (500 Mb / s download and upload), unlimited calls to landlines in France as well as 160 channels television. This saves almost -50% on the regular price of this offer, but the real advantage is that your ISP guarantees this price for 24 months, or 2 years.

To discover this internet box at SFR, here it is:

See the SFR offer

The price of this internet box is guaranteed by SFR for a longer period than normal (2 years), then goes up to 38 euros per month. This is significant, because offers usually come with an exceptional rate for only one year (as is the case with Orange). In addition, the commitment period is one year, which can be canceled at any time after this period.

Otherwise, SFR also offers the most traditional SFR Fiber Internet box at the price of 16 euros per month with a very high speed (500 Mb / s download and shipping), unlimited calls to landlines as well as 160 channels of television. This is a fairly similar offer to the first, except that the price is a bit lower and is guaranteed for a period of one year, compared to the two years of the SFR Fiber Limited Series.

Orange and SFR offer to cover up to 100 euros in termination fees if you leave your current internet box for one of their offers. The amount of the transition rarely (if ever) exceeds this amount if you are committed elsewhere, this should allow you to make the change without having to put your hand back in your pocket.

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