Education: Launch of the 224 ObjectifBac2022 project in Macenta

After the Tougué and Koubia stage (in the Labé region), project 224 “ObjectiveBac2022” puts its suitcase in the forest region. It is in the prefecture of Macenta where 35 volunteer teachers will share this year their know-how with the candidates for the 2022 high school. ‘school among young apprentices, learned a journalist this Saturday, May 7, 2022.

Distributed in 6 institutes, including 4 in the center of Macenta, the candidates for the 2022 high school session of the prefecture of Macenta (N’Zérékoré region administration) will benefit, from May 30 to June 17, 2022, the technical and educational support of young teachers that allow them to increase their level of learning in the hope of a better classification in the different national exams.

Mohamed Aly Condé, journalist and general coordinator of the project 224 #ObjectifBac explains the reasons for choosing Macenta, before announcing the particularities of this third edition.

Mohamed Aly Condé, initiator of the project 224 #objectiveBac

“We chose Macenta because last year, in the administrative region of N’Zérékoré, Macenta was the last prefecture of the other six. The prefecture presented 2,400 and some candidates; and, only 99 students were declared admitted to high school. Therefore, we believe that there is a difficulty at this level. But, as every year, our choice refers to the last prefecture of a region or the last region of the 7 to go there. So this year, we have mobilized a little over 35 volunteer teachers who are going to review our high school candidate brothers near Macenta. This, for more than 15 days, to see what can change like previous years.

The peculiarity of this year is that around Macenta, we intend to organize a plenary session in favor of education. We believe that we have taken advantage of all the experience we have had since 2019 in the interior of the country. We can invite technical partners, friends from the school, the school environment and all those who can contribute something for a positive change in this sector. We can bring them together and tell them what we have seen in the country and above all call their attention so that everyone can do what they can to change the situation so that not everything shines inside. Sometimes we get the impression that decisions are limited to Conakry students. However, inside, they are still very numerous. But they study in extremely difficult conditions. You can’t imagine that in the 21st century students are still studying in these conditions. But I think that there is not enough information in the school and that each one of us could participate in giving this information to influence those who make the decisions “, he invited.

After staying in the prefecture of Tougué and Koubia, Mohamed Aly and his team make a less than optimistic observation in the education sector of these two towns in Middle Guinea. That is why they are asking the authorities to come to the aid of these young students.

Mohamed Aly Condé, initiator of the project 224 #objectiveBac

“Last year we went to Koubia and Tougué where we intervened. You know, last year we had a special program called #KoubiaObjectifBEPC. Koubia, who had made 0% in the BEPC, still deserved further attention. So we mobilized volunteers who reached that level. I think we’ve had a little more of a result. We had more than 40 admitted from less than 200 BEPC candidates from this prefecture. However, at the high school level, whether in Koubia or Tougué, I think the problem was more serious than what we were told. We did what we could; however, the conditions in which the students study, the conditions in which they prepare for the exams, these ‘conditions are inadmissible and we can fully understand whether they were not admitted mainly to high school or not even this year. Since Koubia and Tougué are a structural problem, I think the state should exist, especially in this sector “, he explained.

Committed to this humanitarian project since 2019, the leaders of this initiative of national interest invite technical and financial partners working in the education sector and anyone of good will to support their project to get the Guinean education out of ‘this situation.

“Since 2019, we have been operating in the same way. It is good will that supports us. We never have an institution behind us that asks us for the budget we want to have and what funds afterwards. They are individuals, media that cover our press conferences, nationals of the different prefectures to which we often go that agree to give us what they can according to what they have in order to facilitate our mission. So, we call again to those of good will for this year but also to all those who observed us from the different institutions because our goal is to one day be institutionalized, that we no longer go back to the informal, we don’t wait for the last one. minute to mobilize people to go to the prefectures “, concluded this journalist of the Djoma Media Group.

Please note that unlike previous editions, there will be a screening of video lessons in the review lobbies.

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