Day 4 of the election campaign: compulsory vaccination, infrastructure and climate

On Saturday, Steven Del Duca was in Ottawa to talk about education and COVID-19, while Doug Ford traveled to northern Ontario to commit to infrastructure investments. Andrea Horwath went to Bowmanville to announce a strategy to improve the energy performance of buildings while the Green Party was in Guelph.

Vaccination in schools

Ontario Liberals promise to add COVID-19 vaccine to the list of nine vaccines already needed to attend the province’s public schools.

Its leader, Steven Del Duca, was accompanied by some of his candidates, including Ottawa-Vanier constituency candidate Lucille Collard from France.

Ontario Liberal Party leader Steven Del Duca was in Ottawa on Saturday with some of his candidates, including Ottawa-Vanier constituency candidate Lucille Collard from France.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Fiona Collienne

He claims that only 40% of children aged 5 to 11 have received their two doses of the vaccine against the virus and that many children have not yet returned to school, a situation that he wants to remedy as soon as possible.

The best way to get back to normal is to make your classrooms safer. The Ontario Liberals will do so by expanding the list of mandatory vaccines to include COVID-19 vaccines and requiring all front-line education workers to be vaccinated.said Mr. Del Duca in a statement.

Earlier this week, he pledged $ 10 billion to build 200 schools and repair 4,500 schools.

The Liberals also want to hire 10,000 new teachers to limit the number of students per class to 20, in addition to hiring 5,000 special education professionals and an additional 1,000 mental health professionals.

The project will be funded with the cancellation of the construction of Highway 413, an infrastructure promised by the progressive-conservative Doug Ford.

Doug Ford is courting the North

The current Prime Minister and leader of the Progressive Conservative Party, Doug Ford, traveled to Sault Ste. Marie, Northern Ontario, to announce a $ 1 billion investment to build an all-weather road linking the Ring of Fire, a mineral field hundreds of miles north of Ontario Thunder Bayon the provincial road network.

It will be a prosperity corridor that will connect northern communities, families and businesseshe declared.

Mr Ford said his party was the only one with power to do work and reiterated its commitment to invest in infrastructure projects in the region, such as highway construction and job creation, especially in the mining sector.

I want to take a moment to address the people of northern Ontario. I want you to feel the same optimism and hope as other Ontarianshe declared.

Doug Ford at a press conference.

Doug Ford is courting northern Ontario voters with infrastructure projects.

Photo: Radio-Canada

We’re saying “yes” to creating thousands of jobs in mining, “yes” to high-speed internet in northern communities, “yes” to affordable natural gas in homes further north, “yes” to the construction of safe highways in the north. communities and “yes” to building a road to connect the Ring of Fire.

Environment and cost of living for the NDP

For her part, the leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP) Ontario resident Andrea Horwath traveled to Bowmanvilleabout 75 miles east of Toronto.

It is committed to launching a program of grants and loans to enable homeowners to make renovations and thus improve the energy performance of their homes while reducing their electricity bills.

In addition to helping people reduce their bills, this plan will help save our planetshe said.

Andrea Horwath at a press conference.

The Ontario NDP leader wants to improve the energy performance of Ontario’s homes and buildings.

Photo: Radio-Canada

If elected, the NDP is committed to providing grants ranging from $ 7,000 to $ 11,000 to 175,000 families annually to enable them to improve the energy performance of their homes.

the NDP it also plans to offer interest-free loans to households whose reforms exceed this amount.

The program offered by the NDP is one of the most important of its kind, according to Andrea Horwath. The party’s goal is to improve the energy efficiency of at least 5% of Ontario’s buildings annually.

the NDP says its program will create 100,000 new high-paying jobs and generate more than $ 15.2 billion in economic activity by 2030.

Bicycles and electric vehicles

Green Party leader Mike Schreiner will spend the day Guelphabout 100 km west of Toronto.

His party is committed to offering up to $ 10,000 for the purchase of a new electric vehicle and $ 1,000 for the purchase of a used electric vehicle in addition to increasing the number of recharging points in the province.

He also wants to donate up to $ 1,000 for the purchase of an electric bicycle.

Ontario’s greens will make life more affordable and address climate emergencies while helping people drive and pedal electricallysaid Mr. Schreiner in a statement.

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