Table tennis booming in Envermeu

The Envermeudoise racquet flag team, with Bernard Lamarthe, Maxime Gierczynski, Aurélien Marseille and Fabien Panier, remains in the Regional 3. (© CSR)

In recent years, the Envermeudoise racquet has been discreet.

Like many clubs, it has suffered the effects of the health crisis, however this season seems to be a renewal for the club presided over for a long time by Alain Mulot.

It must be said that new blood has arrived in Envermeu within the association and in particular in the management committee.

To help Alain Mulot, Bernard Demarthe holds the position of Treasurer while Maxime Gierczynski holds the position of Secretary.

We wanted to relaunch the club, revitalize it and it works pretty well. We proposed different actions, such as a poker tournament that attracted a lot of people. This is to raise funds, but also to bring even more coexistence within the club. It also helped attract players.

Maxime GierczynskiEnvermeudoise racquet player and secretary

So now the Envermeudoise sports racket has about thirty licenses, four of them women who practice more for leisure.

This made it possible for three teams to compete.

The main training takes place on Wednesday evening, from 6 pm, with Maxime Gierczynski, who benefits from his experience at the regional level, to manage the sessions and make the table tennis players work and progress.

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The club can also use the room other days of the week if needed.

Stabilize the Regional 3

This season is more than interesting in terms of sports.

So the CSR pennant team he negotiated well the first phase of the championship.

Best second in Regional 4, she got his ticket to the next level.

One would have thought that the hardest part was starting, but that was not the case for Maxime Gierczynski and his partners.

With a record of three wins and three losses, we are in the middle of the table and maintenance is assured before the last day. We are very happy because finally there are quite a few teams from the Dieppe District at the regional level. We hope it attracts players to the club.

This has happened before with the arrivals of Aurélien Marseille and Fabien Panier who complete the team with Bernard Demarthe and Maxime Gierczynski.

A homogeneous group that will celebrate this Sunday on the occasion of their last game of the year without thinking too much about next season.

On paper, we were virtually inferior to everyone else, but it was our team spirit that made the difference. Everyone has progressed with a good atmosphere which is also an important factor. However, we are not excited and if the goal is always to evolve to the maximum, we will first think about stabilizing the team in Regional 3. Then, if we had one or two recruits, maybe we could be more ambitious.

Having met different clubs, Maxime Gierczynski admits to feeling good at the Envermeu in an association where it is good to live and play.

With the concern of well-managed finances and also of renewing a part of the equipment every year.

A 4th team is expected

If the pennant team has set the pattern this season, the course of the other teams has also been positive.

Like this, Team 2 had a pretty quiet year in Department 1 and next season the goal will be to aim for the top of the table in this division.

Finally team 3composed of young people supervised by two more experienced elements, promoted to Division 3 at the end of the first phase.

He has remained there without any problems and now he hopes to at least stay at that level.

In the future, the club Envermeudois wants to continue to grow and we are even thinking secretly about creating a fourth team if the staff allows it.

This could be a solution especially to attract young people who need competition to enjoy the practice of a sport.

Aside from this news, the club, chaired by Alain Mulot, organized several stages of regional criterium and that’s not all.

The Raquette sportive envermeudoise also wanted to host courses for young people that the District of Dieppe offers each school holiday period.

Table tennis therefore seems to be on the right track in Envermeu and the future looks rather optimistic for local table tennis players.

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