La Rochelle: schoolchildren and university students awarded the Citizen Education Prize

La Rochelle: schoolchildren and university students awarded the Citizen Education Prize

By Antoine Collin
Posted May 6, 2022 at 7:31 pm

On Thursday, May 4, several students from Charente-Maritime primary and secondary schools received the Citizen Education Award.

The Civic Behavior Award was given to a student at the Fénelon Notre-Dame Kindergarten in La Rochelle. (© Antoine Colin)

Thursday, May 4, at 4 pm, in the Jean Moulin room of the prefecture of La Rochellethe Prefect of Charente-Maritime Nicolau Bassier, it had he gave an appointment to several schoolchildren and university students to present them with the civic education award.

HAS this time, Peter Niolletthe president of the National Order of Merit was present to encourage these young people to continue on the path of good citizenship.

After brief interventions such as the rector of the University of La Rochelle, the award ceremony was able to begin in a packed hall.

This citizenship education award serves to distinguish and reward young people at the departmental level for their daily behavior and the performance of actions related to the field of citizenship, within their class or their center, institute or high school.

“Values ​​and courage”

These collective or personal awards are given to groups of students from schools, institutes and institutes who have carried out an outstanding or original action in the field of citizenship: improvement of the coexistence environment, solidarity with a classmate. , cultural activities, etc.

Although the year 2021 marked by the health crisis was not successful in the supply of files, the prefect wanted to pay tribute to the children who have been involved during this difficult year.

I am very confident in the future of these young people who are especially supported by their parents. There is little talk of acts of courage. But here it is. You have to know how to learn from the past to build the future “, adds Pierre Niollet

Since the creation of this award in 2011, 134 files have been registered by the national association of members of the National Order of Merit. (ANMONM).

In addition, in 2018, Jean-Marc Augier, president of the University of La Rochelle, created the award for citizen mobilization that works for its expansion at the national level “which should take place next summer” , recalls the president of the National Order of Merit.

This meeting was obviously a moment of sharing aimed at “congratulating those who will be the citizens of tomorrow. “The place was not chosen at random. Jean Moulin Room. Symbol of Republican and civic engagement.

A diploma and a medal

In detail, the prize for civic behavior was awarded to a student of the nursery school of Fénelon Our Lady of La Rochelle which is committed to the protection of animals, in particular certain species of birds, through interventions with the League for the Protection of Birds. (LPO) and discovery trips.

The 2nd prize (best category civic education poster) was given to primary school children in Bernay Saint-Martin who has wanted to make known the deposits of cigarette butts in nature after writing a letter to the mayor of the town. Thus they obtained the first prize of the civility option.

An award for raising awareness about food waste

Other small citizens of the school of Fénelon Our Lady won an award for his food waste awareness project like his colleagues at the Collège Fromentin who created the project ” Sequana in reference to the ship carrying Senegalese skirmishes in 1917. A work of memory that has not gone unnoticed …

Three other high school projects also received a civic education award: high school Rock Mendes-France i Fromentina of La Rochelle for the creation of a Rally of Memory in the capital of Charente-Maritime; the Joan d’Arc School Surgeres for his project “Let’s go children! The Republic is 130 years old. “, i high school cordovesa de Royan (Jury Promotion Award) for his video highlighting the issue of school bullying.

Finally, students of high school Dautet were congratulated and rewarded for their work “Ambassadors Against Harassment” as well as the institute Fenelon for the “Tomorrow, it’s us” option that it had aims to present the effects of climate change.

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