Did Jean-Michel Blanquer visit the Montargis digital campus as a candidate or as a minister?

The Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer has been on the move this May 6 in the Loiret, formalizing his candidacy for the legislative elections in the 4th district of the department. A “parachuting” already criticized by his opponents, concerned about the gender mix during his visit to the digital campus of Montargis.

Therefore, it is official, Jean-Michel Blanquer will be the candidate of the presidential majority in the 4th constituency of the Loiret, currently in the hands of Republicans in the person of Jean-Pierre Door. Invited to the set of France 3 Center-Val de Loire this May 6, after a day of campaigning in the department, the Minister of National Education spoke of his “they want to be useful to this magnificent territory“as well as the”gigantic potential“of”Loiret in general and Gâtinais Montargois“.

There is a time for everything, and now it seems important to me to have local roots, and that Loiret is the heart of France. I really enjoy being here now

Jean-Michel Blanquer, Minister of National Education and Renaissance candidate for the 4th constituency of the Loiret

The minister’s plan to make himself known to the inhabitants of his putative constituency? “Go to the markets in a very informal way, listening to them“, explains Jean-Michel Blanquer on the set of France 3 Center-Val de Loire this May 6. What to address issues dear to the heart of the Loiretans, such as”the medical desert“in the constituency, but also”the desire for prospects for young people and the need for economic development“.

Both the right and the left, represented by LR Ariel Lévy and PCF Bruno Nottin, did not hesitate to rain small sentences on the new candidate. “fallen minister“by a,”rejected by Macronie“On the other hand, the outgoing right also viewed with suspicion Jean-Michel Blanquer’s trip to the Loire Valley on May 6, during which he went to Dordives, Courtenay or even Bazoche-sur-le Betz.

Because in the midst of these campaign trips, the candidate would also have fallen on a ministerial visit: according to Benoît Digeon, mayor of LR de Montargis and campaign director of Ariel Lévy, Jean-Michel Blanquer would have picked up, through the secretariat. of the Ministry of National Education, a visit to the “connected campus” of the municipality. He is currently serving as a minister with the campus teams, in the presence of Jean-Paul Billault, president of the Montargis agglomeration community.

However, argues Benoît Digeon, when Ariel Lévy wanted to go to the Château-Blanc vocational institute in Châlette-sur-Loing as a departmental adviser, management told him it was preferable to wait until the end of the legislative campaign. , so as not to derogate from the neutrality of the establishment. “I am surprised to see that the media of the minister are at the service of the candidate, it is contrary to the spirit of the law.

His office informed me of Jean-Michel Blanquer’s desire to visit the campus“For his part, Jean-Paul Billault, the president of the agglomeration community, who was present during the ministerial visit, confirmed the election.”it was the minister who was received, to talk about the problems encountered on campus“and from”the important aid received from the state“It was an appearance by Blanquer the minister, not Blanquer the candidate, then?”Candidate, maybe before, and maybe after, but not for!

I’m not saying there’s double standards, but the minister has pushed the door open a bit“, replies the mayor of Montargis, who states that”Never before have we had a major ministerial visit to institutes and schools in the cityA technically accurate statement, even if Julien Denormandie, the Minister of Agriculture, had actually gone to an agricultural institute in Amilly, in the Montargoise conurbation, to support the sector in September 2020. On 6 May, Jean-Michel Blanquer “was 100% a candidate, one is not a candidate from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., then minister from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.“.

Contacted by France 3, the candidate’s team challenges both Benoît Digeon’s and Jean-Paul Billault’s version: it is the candidate Jean-Michel Blanquer, not the minister, who is the author of this round. “In fact, it was a member of the campaign team who proposed this visit“explains on the one hand the entourage of the Renaissance candidate, who claims to be on the other”totally transparent“on the fact that the minister does not”absolutely not“campaign with state media.

Besides, “the connected campus depends on the competencies of the Minister of Higher Education and Research, not the Minister of National Education“continues campaign team”.Jean-Michel Blanquer is above all there to be constructive. These considerations are not really campaign issues, and we should rather consider raising the debate.

Sometimes criticized, these ministerial visits during the campaign are nothing new. During the Alvance Wheels crisis in Indre, it was the Minister of Relations with Parliament Marc Fesneau, also a candidate for the presidency of the region, who announced in the factory a loan of 2 million euros granted by the state. a ministerial visit to the site, in the suburbs of Châteauroux.

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