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Mexico City, May 5, 2022. The forum comes to an end with the start of the convergence assemblies that began on Thursday, May 5. Seven convergence meetings were officially recorded, not to mention the networking that could be concluded in the self-managed workshops. We observe convergence assemblies on the radical alternatives of the Adelante network, on the Mahrek / Maghreb, on Palestine with the subject United against apartheid, activated Feminisms and struggles against patriarchy, on transformative economies and on education, in addition to the celebration of the 7th World Assembly of the International Alliance of Inhabitants of the Planet. These are some of the highlights of the final statement of the Education Convergence Assembly.

The title of the Convergence Assembly Declaration on Education, “Manifesto for other teachingssummarizes the perspective adopted by the meeting participants. The “Other teachings»Is the first sketch«for another possible world“This is to mark the intention to develop a”decolonizing, patriarchal, anti-capitalist and anti-racist educationas the statement mentions at the beginning.

In addition, it is a project that defines specific proposals to be implemented in today’s society with the aim of starting a journey towards another education. The statement defines the educational project as follows:public education, free and quality, with cultural relevance and social relevance, liberating, transformative and popular, community and democratic, intercultural, diverse, plural and inclusive, based on epistemic justice and inter-scientific dialogue.“.

Finally, another non-formal education of awareness and social transformation is also called for. The declaration promotes an education at the service of the citizenry, affirming the centrality of the popular education, in a perspectivecomprehensive, inclusive and transformative“It’s about developing a lifelong education that values ​​diversity and inclusion, at a time of growing divisions and inequalities.

“NOWe affirm that in these times education must deepen its ethical and political processes and contribute to social transformation in constant interaction with social movements, citizens, indigenous peoples and peasants that generate alternative responses. Advocate for the democratization of education, socialization and the dialogue of knowledge with approaches and methodologies of popular education.»

With the pandemic, the pressure is very strong on governments and private actors to make extensive use of technology in education. The statement states that digital “it is not the solution nor is it enough to solve the great problems of educationalthough the use of technology is recognized as important. We call for the guarantee of digital rights and the provision of free and relevant platforms and software. Thus, the education of young people and adults is under the sign of more humane practices, and also of solidarity, dialogue, respect for diversity, with the aim of building a just, democratic society, with the full exercise of the rights to part of everyone.

The statement also recognizes the importance of teachers, as well as educators in the non-formal learning sectors, as well as all those involved in education. In addition, most of the educational activities took place on the premises of the trade union organization National Coordination of Education Workers (CNTE-democratica), an independent state organization that separated from the organization subordinate to institutional power at the time of the Institutional Revolutionary Party and ruled for decades in Mexico, to the detriment of movements and educational staff.

Ronald Cameron,

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