T-Mobile and Cradlepoint team up to offer businesses fixed 5G wireless Internet solutions

Ericsson’s T Mobile and Cradle Pointpart join forces to deliver a 5G router all in a bespoke, business-quality design for T-Mobile Business Internet customers.

Together, these two industry leaders will provide a compelling fixed wireless solution suitable for organizations that rely on fast, flexible, and secure Internet with managed services for their business operations. Businesses with one or more commercial locations, multi-tenant offices, and remote jobs across the country will now be able to obtain business Internet from T-Mobile.

Today, businesses have limited Internet options, with many Internet service providers offering glorified consumer Internet. They need solutions that can be deployed quickly for all their sites across the country, as well as improved management and security capabilities for peace of mind and control.

Enter T-Mobile Business Internet + Cradlepoint E320 All-in-One Router

This new solution is the first to combine Cradlepoint’s custom-designed E320 5G router and NetCloud service with T-Mobile’s national 5G footprint and managed service capabilities. The router takes minutes to install and run, giving companies the speed, flexibility, security, and managed services they need.

  • Speed: A certified enterprise-grade router to leverage T-Mobile’s 5G spectrum to deliver 5G speed and reliability.
  • Flexibility: With the benefits of offline broadband, businesses will be able to adapt quickly to changes in demand, such as setting up the Internet for emerging locations during seasonal periods.
  • Security: With the ability to take advantage of the E320 router and NetCloud security management features, including next-generation firewall and intrusion prevention, companies will have access to the most advanced security features available on the market.
  • Managed Services: Managed cloud services for configuration, tracking, and analysis. And all of T-Mobile’s business internet plans are designed for business use only, not for playback of movies or online games.

“5G offers companies and governments incredible opportunities to drive innovation, reinvent their operations and transform the way they serve their customers. So far, they have stuck with other unsatisfactory ISP and technology offerings,” he said. said Callie Field, president of T-Mobile Business Group. “T-Mobile is the only provider with a network large enough and fast enough to meet the needs of various organizations. another proven leader in 5G technology at Cradlepoint, companies can expect a powerful solution.

“5G is the essential transformative technology of our time,” said Pankaj Malhotra, Cradlepoint’s product manager. “What sets Cradlepoint apart is our ability to unlock the power of 5G for end-to-end cellular intelligence and enterprise-class solutions driven by our NetCloud service. We are able to provide business customers the 5G performance, security and management they need. ”

T-Mobile for Business and Cradlepoint’s fixed fixed wireless solution will soon be available with Internet plans and services for select T-Mobile businesses.

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