Europe Day: 6 friendly cities

Europe Day, 9 May, is an opportunity to highlight the six European cities working with Rouen Seine Normande 2028, European Capital of Culture.

For a few months now, Rouen Seine Normande 2028 has been working with European cities. Friendly cities that make the candidacy for the European Capital of Culture 2028 a truly European project.
“Working on a European scale enriches our project and allows us to plan for 2028, taking into account universal issues.explains Christine de Cintré, vice-president of the association which is Rouen’s candidate. By exchanging daily with cities that have similarities with Rouen and the Normandy Seine Valley, we validate our choices and specifically improve our application. »
Working with friendly cities meets two challenges, on the one hand to feed the local project with a truly European dimension, on the other hand, to show how the project around the Normandy Seine can be exemplary, inspiring, instructive for other countries. Europeans. regions.
Rouen Seine Normande 2028 works daily with six cities in six countries to feed and enrich their project. Everyone responds in their own way to the challenges of the Seine Valley of Normandy, a commercial and industrial center, a path of historical conquests, a place of dangers linked to climate change.

Hannover: Germany, 537,000 inhabitants
– Twin city of Rouen since 1966
– Member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network – Music
– Hannover was a candidate for European capital in 2025
The river Leine irrigates the city and drains the main potash basin in Germany. Its valley has become an important industrial center connecting Göttingen with Hanover. The issue of industrial risk and decarbonisation are at the heart of our common concerns.

Current projects:
– Cross-curricular literature 2022–2023 in collaboration with the library network – Meeting of two authors Alice Baude and Laura M.Neunast
– Numerous meetings between French and German ensembles (links with CRR, Kalif, international clarinet competition, Variances ensemble, etc.)
– Celebration of the International Fair Classical.Next between 17 and 20 May, where Normandy will be represented by the Ensemble Variances and the Nomad Play Company, newly established in the territory.
– The Youle Compagnie invited in June 2022 to the Hannover Arab Theater Festival
– Exchanges between young students practicing e-sports – return match June 2022
– Meeting between the Law Universities of Rouen and Hanover in May and October 2022

Aveiro: Portugal, 80,000 inhabitants
– Candidate for the European capital 2027
– City with which Rouen co-signs the France-Portugal 2022 season – Member of the CreArt network and the CultureNext network.
Aveiro is the small Venice of Portugal that organizes its life around a lagoon where the Vouga flows. The Aveiro region is a wetland. The climate crisis imposes reflections that intersect with those of the Seine estuary: maintenance of landscapes and activities, rising water levels and desiccation of certain environments.

Current projects
– The city of Aveiro is associated with the rewriting of the file Creative Europe CreArt – 2023-2026
– Information on the season of France Portugal in Rouen –
– Creation of a meeting between the museum networks of Aveiro and Rouen between 15 and 17 June 2022.
– Sunday, October 16, 2022 – Closing concert of the France Portugal season in Aveiro with the presence of students from the Rouen Conservatory who will join the das Beiras orchestra conducted by the master Lourenço.
– Reflection on a collaboration University of Rouen and Aveiro around the cross-works of Gustave Flaubert and Eça de Queiros.

Kaunas: Lithuania, 337,000 inhabitants
– European Capital of Culture in 2022 – Member of the CreArt network
– Unesco Creative City – Design
The Neman River is used to produce electricity for the city, its inhabitants, and its economic activities. It is one of the most important rivers flowing into the Baltic Sea. Its course originates in Belarus and traces the border between the two countries along more than 150 km.

Current projects
– Rouen Seine Normande 2028 works with Kaunas2022 on the possibility of joining a solidarity support approach in the context of its reception of Ukrainian refugees.
– Set up an exhibition in collaboration with the Honorary Consul of Lithuania in Normandy.
– In the framework of the European Participation Meetings of 2023, invitation of the Kaunas association that developed the concept “We the people”, the participatory approach that influenced and inspired the candidacy of the Lithuanian city.
– The Artkomas Gallery in Kaunas is associated with the rewriting of the Creative Europe CreArt file – 2023-2026

Norwich: Great Britain, 161,000 inhabitants
– Twin city of Rouen since 1959.
– Norwich ran for European capital in 2008
– Norwich is twinned with Novi Sad – European Capital 2022 (non-member city)
– Member of the UNESCO Network of Creative Cities – Literature – National Center for Writing – Norwich & Norfolk Festival member of the In situ Network (Viva Cité – Sotteville-lès-Rouen)
Europe is a continent and common stories that cannot be erased by referendum. The Wensum River is proof of this: he saw the stones transported from Caen for the construction of Norwich Cathedral. Like the Seine, the Wensum has inspired painters and in particular John Crome, co-founder of the Norwich School of Painting. Another strong link with the Norman Seine, textile activities: fabric and wool have played an important role in the economic history of the Norwich region.

Current projects
– This is the short film festival of England – Rouen Norwich club
– Works related to Rouen Art Nature and the Ground Work Gallery – King’s Lynn on the issue of ecological art The gallery shows an interest in the work of Aude Bourgine and Julie Tocqueville (sponsor of Rouen Seine Normande 2028)
– Link to the Shed and the Musicale Variances ensemble in progress.
– Exchange project between Safran COLLECTIF and the “Garage”. Exchanges scheduled for the summer and fall of 2022.
– Project about the possibility of exchange with Brass-Band.

Skopje: Northern Macedonia, 584,000 inhabitants
– Candidate for the European capital 2028 in the category Non-member city – Member of the CreArt Network
– Member of the Culture Next network
Its river, the Vardar, is an important axis of the Balkan region as it connects Serbia with Greece. On its shores there are important roads and railways. The river is also subject to the pressures of the Seine: industrial and agricultural pollution and the exploitation of water resources for irrigation.

Current projects
– Exhibition by a Macedonian artist as part of the Art and Bus exhibition during the summer of 2022
– The city of Skopje is associated with the rewriting of the file Europe Créative CreArt – 2023-2026

Trondheim: Norway, 198,000 inhabitants
– Norwegian section at the Lycée Corneille
– Consulate of Norway in Rouen – Honorary Consul Paul Hebert – Celebration of the millennium of Olaf’s baptism in 2014 in Rouen
– In 2030 Norway will celebrate the millennium of the death of Olaf II and Normandy will be very involved in this commemoration.
– Chapel of St. Olav which houses the house of sailors – rue Duguay-Trouin
The Nidelva, a coastal river, joins a fjord and then the North Sea from the city. The river is dotted with six hydroelectric power plants. Trondheim was founded by the legendary Viking King Olaf, making it a land of European history. It was in Rouen that King Olaf II was baptized in 1014.

Current projects
– Le Havre maintains links with the National Maritime School on the issues of the cruise, offshore and alternative propulsion industries
– Rouen Seine Normande 2028 works with the city of Trondheim in the possibility of integrating them into the Europe Creative CreArt network
– The city of Rouen begins a three-year collaboration with the Nord Orchestra, an internationally renowned baroque orchestra between 2022 and 2024.
– The Réunion des Musées Métropolitains participates in an intercultural cooperation project (Erasmus + program) with Norway and Germany, on the global theme of inclusion. Education professionals and museums will work together for 2 years to produce tools and resources. The initial problem concerns the tensions that may exist between students, linked to cultural differences. Museums are identified as structures that can offer tools for reflection to improve coexistence.
– Catwalks with the exhibition “Nordic Lights” to be held between April 14 and August 13, 2023 with a focus on Norwegian artists at the Museum of Fine Arts in Rouen

Czech Republic :
The election of the Czech Republic is strategic as the country is also a candidate for European capital in 2028. It seems that there are 6 Czech cities so far: Chomutov, Brno, Liberec, Broumov, Kutná Hora, Ceske Budejovice . A meeting was held with the Ambassador and Cultural Attaché of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Paris. A working meeting is planned at the embassy on shared topics from the start of the 2022 school year. A Czech artist supports Rouen 2028 to identify projects and actors mobilized on the same values ​​as the Rouen Seine Normande 2028 candidacy.

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