Mercedes has “several ways to improve the car”

After a difficult start to the season, Mercedes hopes to see the end of the tunnel. Currently, the W13 does not meet the expectations of the current eight-time world champion team, with a lack of performance caused in part by the chronic porpoise. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange.

Meanwhile, the only solution is to increase the height of the fall in an unreasonable way from the point of view of pure performance, which does not prevent drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell from having to deal with the incessant bounces of their chassis on the suspensions. In his public briefing after the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix, the director of Track Engineering, Andrew Shovlin, expressed the ambition to bring developments to Miami to address this issue.

“We know where we are right now, we know the gap we have to close to get to the position we want, but our team is very focused on the engineering challenge right now, which is also very interesting.”said Shovlin.

“These problems are new to us, we have to understand them and control them. Here we put a lot of energy. [à Brackley], but day by day we are advancing, we are learning from it. We hope that soon, maybe as soon as Miami, we can start carrying parts in the car, we hope that this will tell us if we are going in the right direction. “

“We do not expect to solve this problem overnight. But if we can determine that we are going in the right direction, that we have really clarified what is happening, we will be satisfied.”

Team director Toto Wolff told Imola that Mercedes just needed to find the key to her W13: “I think we have a direction where we know how to unlock the potential that is hidden inside the car to get much closer. However, we don’t have the key at the moment. So we just have to work. It’s difficult and he’s still confident in science and physics before ending up in a kind of vicious circle. “

Andrew Shovlin and Toto Wolff

On the statements of the Austrian, Shovlin detailed: “It’s a bit of a cliché, obviously, but the reality is that we can’t drive the car as it was designed. We are forced to use a higher height and therefore the performance is lower. That could be true. For almost all cars on the grid, because many teams suffer from this problem, and we know that lifting the car is one way to reduce it.

“Much of the work done at Brackley is to understand this phenomenon and if we can really control it, if we can get rid of it by engineering, and when Toto talks about finding the key, that’s what he’s really talking about. aerodynamic solution that we can apply to the car that this problem disappears “.

“Now, realistically, we think it’s something we are tackling step by step instead of a big time when everything is going to fade, but we’re seeing encouraging signs. Like I said, we look forward to getting parts. The car soon, possibly as soon as Miami, where we hope to see some progress on this issue. “

Obviously, the work done in Brackley from Imola has been effective: according to the latest statements from Toto Wolff, Mercedes has ideas to improve the situation. It remains to be seen whether these will bear fruit in Miami.

“Since we returned from Italy, we have learned the most this weekend and, at the same time, our learning has continued in the wind tunnel and with the simulations”Wolff comments. “We have found several ways to improve the car and will conduct experiments in Miami to correlate these simulations, hoping to confirm the development path for future races.”

“The two riders have been working on the simulator with a view to Miami and the factories have been busy producing developments for the next regattas. I think of the expression that a calm sea has never made a sailor skilled. The team has shown its tenacity in many years, and this difficult start to the season has ignited a spark among all its members, determined to rectify the situation.

Mercedes currently ranks third in the constructors’ championship with 77 points on the clock and only two podiums.

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