Bouygues Telecom’s fiber subscription reduces its price, but not its speed

These are not just smartphones for sale during the French Days. Bouygues Telecom is taking advantage of the period to halve the price of the Bbox Fit. An ultra-affordable fiber offering that goes for less than 16 euros a month.

When you think about it, what are the basic requirements for internet subscription? Good speed and a flat price. The rest is just a bonus, often appreciable, which tends to increase the bill. To meet the different needs of users, Bouygues Telecom offers three fiber packages, one of which is especially affordable.

The Bbox Fit offer thus guarantees a good uplink and downlink speed (400 Mbit / s) for only 15.99 euros per month. A price halved for a year which, after these 12 months, then returns to 30.99 euros per month. The commitment is only one year, the duration of this promotion.

Subscribe to Bbox Fit at a glance:

  • 400 Mbit / s for the price of only 15.99 euros per month;
  • unlimited calls to landlines in France and 110 countries;
  • the Avantage Box + Mobile option with a 100 MB mobile plan + 2-hour call for 0 euros.

The Bbox offer Fit 400 Mbits / s in detail

If it’s your carrier’s most affordable internet plan, Bbox Fit is by no means a discount. It provides a comfortable upload speed of 400 Mbit / s and a upload speed of 400 Mbit / s. A very good speed that allows you to download a 50 GB game in less than 20 minutes or a very high definition movie of 2 GB in just 40 seconds.

It is even possible to use the mobile application offered by Bouygues Telecom to assess the level of Wi-Fi in your home.

Bbox Fit: Bouygues Telecom's fiber subscription reduces its price, but not its speed

Of course, you also have access to a landline with unlimited calls to landlines in France in over 110 countries. Please note that the limit is set at 199 different correspondents. Beyond that, you will have to pay a few euros to cover the non-package.

This fiber offer also includes the Advantage Box + Mobile option, which allows you to get a 100 MB mobile plan + 2 hours of calls for 0 euros for a year (before going to 4.99 euros per month).

How much does the Bbox Fit offer cost?

The strength of the Bbox Fit package is without a doubt its price. This fiber offer is billed at 15.99 euros per month for a year, then at 30.99 euros after this period.

Unlike classic subscriptions that usually require 2 years of loyalty, Bbox Fit only requires one year of commitment. You can manage your subscription as you see fit after these twelve months.

Other Bouygues Telecom fiber packages

Bbox Fit is not the only offer from the operator. If you need an even higher speed or a powerful TV decoder with 180 channels, the packages Must Box i Ultym box you have what you like. The first offers a download speed of 1 Gb / s and 700 Mb / s upload. It is billed at 22.99 euros per month (then 40.99 euros after one year). The second goes further by offering a speed of 2 Gb / s for download and 900 Mb / s for sending.

Bbox Fit: Bouygues Telecom's fiber subscription reduces its price, but not its speed

Better yet, the Bbox Ultym package allows you to get the latest generation of Bouygues Telecom internet boxes, compatible with the new Wi-Fi 6E standard. This benefits 500 MHz more in the 6 GHz frequency bands, allowing for better performance and wider multiple connectivity. The Bouygues Telecom box also has the advantage of being especially quiet. Finally, two Wi-Fi repeaters are also provided for optimal coverage of your home. The Bbox Ultym is offered at 29.99 euros per month, before moving to 49.99 euros.

Subscribe to the BBox Fit package

When you change provider, Bouygues Telecom takes care of all cancellation procedures, as well as any costs, up to 100 euros.

Of course, you can check your fiber eligibility directly on the Bouygues Telecom website. Once verified, it is possible to keep your current line number at the time of subscription. All you have to do is provide your RIO code, obtained by dialing 31 79 from your current landline. The installation of the new offer is done without the slightest interruption of Internet services.

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