When literature rhymes with nature at the Haute-Auvergne Institute in Saint-Flour (Cantal)

The first of its kind, the Literature and EDD project, initiated by the National Education and the House of Writers and Literature, attracted only two establishments from the Clermont-Ferrand academy, including the High School. Auvergne. The goal? Write a text, poem or prose on the subject of nature, aimed at convincing people to work for the environment and sustainable development, and promote it by publishing it in the press (read below). The bet is daring but the 17 students of the second class of GA (Management Administration) of the institute sanflorain took it without any doubt, with the help of the documentalist professor of the establishment, Aurélie François, and the writer Jean-Pierre Martin.
Thus, after three weeks of working on writing, reading and orality through a corpus of 22 texts on the subject of nature, all genres combined, from the sixteenth century to the present, the high school students welcomed the author of Le monde des Martins. , published last February. He, in turn, led, in a very warm and relaxed atmosphere, three three-hour writing workshops, “where we talked a lot about ecology,” explains the writer who “gladly” accepted the invitation. of the house of writers and literature to participate in this action, “being extremely sensitive to ecology.”
It was also an opportunity for young people to “create”, at the urging of Jean-Pierre Martin, slogans around sustainable development, some of which have had their effect. Like “Leave your bike, take your bike”, “A world without nature is a world without a future”, “Plastic everywhere: nature at the end” or “Packaging is waste”.

What surprises or revolts high school students?

Poetry and prose, GA high school students have chosen both genres to express their views on sustainable development, very much inspired by water, a topic that they have addressed and addressed as part of their course, in development, environmental health protection.
“What surprises us,
Listen to the sound of the waves alone in front of the ocean, sit by a river and let yourself be coiled by its flow, listen to the sound of a waterfall invading the sound space, dream of waterfalls of Indonesia after watching an Art documentary, going out when it rains heavily, taking refuge when it thunders, listening to the rumbling thunder, living this expectation, witnessing the spectacle of a raging sea, walking through the grass and the morning dew, walk in the rain when it’s hot.
The smell of rain in the undergrowth, the insistent sound of rain, the rainy days in summer, the smell of rain on the tar, the raindrops accumulated on the glass, I pick them and follow them, rain in general, either tap dancing or splashing in a shower.
Playing with water, jumping into puddles, feeling like a child, smoking, skating on a frozen lake, jumping off a rock and sinking into lake water, walking through a flowery meadow, feeling the dew in the morning under my feet, to experience the sensation of frost in the trees, so different from the frost of the windows, write about this frost, hear the sound of hail on the roof like the sound of drums, hear the roar of a river who sings, take a very hot shower in the middle of winter, a very cold shower in the summer.
Do not shower after a sea bath to keep the salt and sand on the skin, in memory of the pleasure experienced.
Contemplate the clouds that float in the sky and form multiple patterns.
Let yourself be mesmerized by the reflection of the sky in the ocean.
Imagine the water cycle as an eternal reboot.
Love the storm in summer, the sun in winter.
Experience all the sensations of water.
Tell yourself that it is a precious commodity.
What revolts us,
The harrowing spectacle of melting ice in Antarctica, the poignant image of one of the last polar bears, the water of the city we drink without pleasure, that of the field sometimes overloaded with pesticides and nitrates, the pieces of plastic and bottles lying still. along the roads, near the rivers, all this waste that will inevitably be carried by the wind to a stream, then in the flow of a river, then in a river that flows into the sea before to break into lowercase. particles, mixing with plankton and polluting the ocean floor, water so rare in Africa that it collects like a treasure in the emptiness of a well when here in France we waste it countless, torrential rains, floods and increasingly violent storms clearly. due to climate change, drought in California and Africa, forest fires in Australia, shipwrecks in the Mediterranean, accidents on oil rigs, large cruises across the seas, terrible oil spills, deforestation, groundwater pumping in the winter, giant water reserves for the sole purpose of irrigating the same pollutants of intensive crops, the threat they pose to biodiversity, the supply of drinking water. and the flow of rivers, the private appropriation of a common good, the pursuit of immediate benefits, the frantic exploitation of resources without regard to the future of the land, the neglect of this precious good called WATER “.

Isabelle Barnerias

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