Legislative 2022. The probable candidacy of Jean-Michel Blanquer for Montargis not only makes the 4th Loiret constituency happy.

The very likely candidacy of the current Minister of National Education for the legislative elections in the 4th district of the Loiret is surprising and raises questions, both among opponents and among the locals of the Republic in March.

Until Friday, April 22, 2022, Jean-Michel Blanquer had never set foot in Montargois. Between the two rounds of the presidential election, however, the current Minister of National Education turned away for an hour after visiting Orleans and its outskirts. During a walk down the Golden Street, he went to meet the merchants. “He was very curious, very interested. He asked a lot of questions about the territory and its economic situation. He showed great curiosity, interest and this is unusual for a minister.” awarded by Mélusine Harlé, unfortunate LREM candidate in 2017, of the 4th circus du Loiret.

The spokesman for La République en Marche in the Montargois region says he was unaware of Jean-Michel Blanquer’s probable parachute in the 4th constituency of the Loiret and is awaiting an announcement, but admits that, in retrospect, this visit be more like a reconnaissance of the terrain than a campaign between two towers. “It’s a way to get to the temperature, to see how citizens behave with it, how it’s received. I think it’s a bit normal to ask yourself these kinds of questions before committing to a territory.”describes the LREM representative who seems quite supportive of this candidacy. “This territory that I love deserves to have a deputy with real ambition and real stature.”

Nor did he see the news arrive and it left him with a rather bitter taste. Christophe Bouquet was the candidate who came forward to invest the LREM candidacy in Montargois. He met him through the press and never “He was not contacted near or far by Mr. Blanquer’s team or by LREM representatives”explain. “I am more surprised to have been present during his visit. I welcomed him, we walked together through Montargis and at no time did he mention this possible candidacy, this interest in the constituency when he had plenty of time to discuss this hypothesis. with me and it didn’t take place.

Edillyard Philippe’s deputy mayor of Amilly and regional leader Horizon, Christophe Bouquet’s party, had campaigned remarkably with his local committee for the re-election of Emmanuel Macron. Without wanting to punish the possible minister-candidate Blanquer, he admits in half-words, rather misdigesting the news. “A candidacy is being built, you can’t improvise”exclaims. “I’ve positioned myself clearly for a long time, I’ve never hidden my intentions. I think I could have known.”

However, Christophe Bouquet is waiting for a consultation with La République en Marche and, until then, continues his investiture work. “I am very determined, I have prepared for this candidacy. I think we are in a process that has to be done with the representatives of the presidential majority. I am convinced that it will happen at some point. It will not be possible. ‘another way. At the moment I do not change my perspective and I am still in preparation. I will walk this candidacy until the end.

At the bulwark of Les Républicains which is Montargis, we prefer to talk about it “recycling” instead of parachuting. Ariel Lévy, an already invested LR candidate, is not at all worried about this unlikely candidacy, but says he is surprised by the method. “We feel in the press that Jean-Michel Blanquer is no longer in the scent of holiness, that he would lose his ministry. There was the history of Ibiza, the failures in the ministry, and therefore we must find a place for him. Macronie recycles the Soldier Blanquer “River.

The minister’s inauguration should be clarified shortly. According to our information, Jean-Michel Blanquer is back in Montargois this Monday, May 2, where he meets Jean Berthaud, the modem mayor of Dordives. He would have to stay there again on Tuesday before returning on Friday to, perhaps, officially declare himself a candidate.

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